Reaction materials considered in the design of the

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Reaction materials considered in the design of reaction kettle

reaction materials should also be considered in the design of glass single-layer reaction kettle and double-layer reaction kettle. The commonly used reaction materials in the reaction are:

1 Compatible or incompatible liquids. The mixing of liquid is easily realized by stirring or mechanical mixing, and the heat transfer of reaction mixture is carried out by convection

2. It shall be reported to the superior competent department within 24h that the liquid is mixed with solid reactants with appropriate particle size. In this case, it is impossible to completely mix these materials with the help of a mixer

as soon as the mixing force disappears, the materials will precipitate to the bottom of the boiler to form a non-conductive material layer, and the following phenomena occur: the solid reactants are carbonized, the mixture color becomes darker, the carbonized materials are wasted, heat energy and time are wasted, the polymerization reaction is uneven, and the polymer composition is uneven

the ecological environment is affected by the waste of materials and energy. In order to avoid these problems, reaction materials can be added many times in two steps

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① the first step is to add the liquid reaction material to the reaction kettle and heat the medium temperature to a temperature slightly higher than the reaction temperature or the melting point of the solid reactant

② slowly add solid reactants under continuous stirring to make it react or dissolve continuously to avoid precipitation. However, this speed cannot be accurately maintained, and sometimes precipitation occurs, which takes a long time to complete the reaction

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