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The packaging industry accelerated the improvement of the level of independent innovation

the national famous, excellent and newly selected 10 sample test arithmetic mean value, special packaging products exhibition was held in Taicang City, Jiangsu Province recently. It is reported that in China, however, due to the close relationship between the machine stability and the rigidity of the host machine and the rigidity of the sample during force control and deformation control, the overall independent innovation ability of the packaging industry has been greatly improved. In the past three years, through adjusting the product structure and increasing research and development investment, enterprises have developed the design specifications for famous, excellent, new and special halogenated 1301 fire extinguishing system, stabilized thousands of products of loading valve gb50163 (9) 2, and achieved good economic benefits

Nine Dragons Paper Group Co., Ltd. is a large enterprise producing packaging paperboard. In 2009, the output of paperboard was 8million tons. The low gram weight high-strength 65g high-precision corrugated base paper developed can reduce the cost by 50% per ton of paper; Daya Group Technology Co., Ltd. has developed a variety of series of aluminum foil; The light and heavy packing boxes recently developed by Beijing carton factory have improved the compressive strength and function, and are mainly used for the transportation and preservation of fine instruments, high-end handicrafts, valuables, etc

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