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Packaging helps household appliance enterprises take off (I)

in recent years, with the development of the national economy, people's living standards have been rapidly improved. In the past, various household appliances, which were regarded as luxury goods, have gradually entered ordinary people's homes and become an important part of people's daily life. Relevant data show that China has become the world's largest producer and consumer of household appliances; It is not new for a family to have twoorthree color refrigerators

China's large household appliance industry has formed an intensive production pattern. Large scale household appliance manufacturers include Sichuan Changhong, Shenzhen Konka, TCL, Midea Group, Haier Group, Chunlan Group, Shanghai sharp appliance, etc. Packaging is also an important part of household appliances. Almost all large household appliance enterprises attach great importance to product packaging and take packaging as an important part of improving product competitiveness. It is no exaggeration to say that a successful home appliance product cannot lack a successful home appliance packaging

all kinds of large household appliances are very similar in packaging materials. Corrugated box is the most commonly used form of external packaging, and almost all large household appliances are packaged in paper. At present, in order to enhance brand competitiveness, many large household appliance enterprises have taken various measures to reduce packaging costs

in terms of supply mode, most large household appliance manufacturing enterprises have gradually changed the way of outsourcing packaging boxes, acquiring or self establishing professional carton manufacturing enterprises, which can not only reduce costs, but also flexibly produce to meet the needs of enterprises. At present, the overall trend of large household appliance packaging in terms of materials is to reduce weight and thickness, which is consistent with the global packaging development trend. Therefore, the realization of lightweight packaging materials benefits from two aspects: first, the improvement of the quality of packaging paper; Second, reasonable cost reduction. One result of this is that lightweight base paper is popular in the home appliance market

environmental protection is also a development trend. Especially in the packaging of export goods, the EU has very high environmental requirements for the manufacturing of electronic and electrical products. The EU's newly issued "directive on scrapped electronic and electrical equipment" and "directive on the prohibition of the use of certain hazardous substances in electronic and electrical equipment" have undoubtedly accelerated the process of green environmental protection of global electronic products, and are undoubtedly a powerful catalyst for China's household appliances and packaging to embark on the "complex" track, which will inevitably have an impact on the experimental results

to sum up, the household appliance packaging topic of the "user Salon" will discuss with the readers how to reduce the cost of household appliance enterprises, the popularity of lightweight base paper in the household appliance packaging market and the green packaging of household appliances

clever ways to reduce costs

in recent years, the price of raw materials in the household appliance industry has been rising, but the sales price has been falling, resulting in the continuous rise of the cost of household appliance enterprises and the gradual reduction of profits. How to effectively reduce the cost of products and ensure the quality of products has become one of the focuses of competition among household appliance enterprises

in the cost of household appliances, the cost of packaging is always an important link that cannot be ignored, especially for white goods, such as refrigerators, air conditioners and washing machines, because of their relatively large volume compared with other products, the cost of packaging has always occupied a very important part

after interviewing many home appliance enterprises, this magazine found that there is still a lot of room for the packaging cost of home appliances to decline. Qu Jie, head of electrical packaging of Aucma Group, mentioned in an interview that the general electrical packaging cost accounts for about 5% of the total cost. If the packaging cost can be reduced by one percentage point without affecting the packaging quality, it will undoubtedly improve the brand competitiveness of products. Ji Hongying, a purchaser of Philips Lighting, also said that only the reasonable price of products can ensure the competitiveness of the brand. Under such a premise, the company should certainly consider how to reduce the packaging cost in order to maintain the competitive advantage of products in the market

since the product packaging cost is an important part of the product cost, reducing the packaging cost has become an important part of the enterprise development strategy. The key is to reduce the packaging cost without affecting the quality of the product itself. In this regard, various household appliance enterprises can be described as Eight Immortals crossing the sea, showing their magic powers. According to their own actual situation, they work together with packaging suppliers to come up with ingenious methods of packaging costs

self production and self packaging produce results

in order to ensure the price of product packaging and facilitate the control of packaging costs, some powerful household appliance enterprises will set up their own carton factories, and all product packaging will be produced and configured by their own packaging companies. Self production and self packaging can be achieved in one step, so as to achieve the purpose of reasonable cost reduction

typical case

Sichuan Changhong Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. is a leading enterprise in China's household appliance industry, and has always been committed to the development and innovation of national household appliances. In addition to winning with product quality, Changhong's packaging strategy is also its magic weapon

while carrying out product innovation, "Changhong" also attaches great importance to packaging its own products. First of all, it is determined by the particularity of the product, such as the product is expensive, easy to damage, and must be anti-static, moisture-proof, etc. Secondly, they gradually realize that product packaging has a strong influence on market promotion and development. In order to ensure the safety and influence of products, Changhong company has attached great importance to product packaging for many years

all packages of Changhong Electrical products are basically self-produced, and Changhong packaging company is responsible for the design, development and production of packages. Changhong packaging company has four factories, one institute and two centers, including the planning management office, the packaging research institute, the carton product factory, the foaming plastic product factory, the printing factory, the paper profile product factory, and the prepress system. This paper mainly introduces and consumes the plastic products universal data experimental machine version center, the testing center, etc. it has all kinds of advanced and precise packaging, printing equipment and supporting facilities, and brings together the elites of all kinds of packaging and printing industry, Adhering to the concept of "truth-seeking, innovation and excellence", we provide high-tech gold content packaging cartons

the relevant person in charge of Changhong Electronics Group packaging company said in an interview with this magazine that Changhong Group attaches great importance to reducing the cost of packaged products and basically controls the whole packaging cost at 2% - 5% of the whole product cost. To this end, Changhong achieved its goal by optimizing design, raw material procurement and actual operation in production. In addition, Changhong Group determines the proportion of product cost according to different profits, and determines the investment proportion of packaging cost according to different products. Changhong Group will determine a reasonable standard from the packaging cost, and then formulate different cost plans according to the specific production conditions of each workshop, such as material waste, process parameters, etc. Standardize the control of packaging costs for easy management. At the same time, according to the actual situation in production, the equipment should be improved and updated regularly

in addition, now the employees of Changhong Electronic Group packaging company have gradually changed their views on cost control. They used to pay attention to ensuring production and have low requirements on cost. Now the company links the proportion of costs to the income of employees, so that employees can actively find ways to reduce waste and control costs, and achieve very significant results

Changhong Electric 5) the installation test piece adopts the form of self production and self packaging to maximize the rational allocation of resources, which not only brings vitality to Changhong Electrical products, helps to improve the "Changhong" brand and image, but also saves the packaging cost

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