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Packaging giants have pushed the label decoration technology to a climax

when beverage businesses continue to adopt overall labels, heat shrinkable labels are not so fresh. It seems that there must be new selling points different from traditional labels to succeed

this different selling point finally appeared. Worldpack's plant in Seoul, South Korea, began production last September. It not only increased its film processing capacity, but also produced varieties with different selling points

worldpack produces a vacuum aluminum coating that will not shrink and peel off during the manufacturing process. It is this aluminum coating that pushes the heat shrinkable label decoration technology to a new climax

as the first merchant to apply this new technology, breakthrough nutrition engineering company (abbreviated as Ben company) located in Florida, USA, The company is sending 20 Ounce Bottles of thermofueldietar (thermofueldietar clamp device should not be fully locked, referred to as TFD beverage) with aluminum coated heat shrinkable labels to gymnasiums and fitness centers in the United States. "We estimate that these labels will have the same strong influence as these products," said natebernstein, vice president of sales of Ben. "We expect the new packaging to occupy a very good position to compete with our competitors."

the 50 micron thick integral shrink label with flashing silver metal is mainly used to print brand names, and its color is also suitable for the replacement of product varieties (pineapple, lemon, grape). At present, in addition to TFD beverages, this 7 (9) layer composite extrusion production line can produce flexible packaging materials with better performance and thicker thickness, and labels have been further expanded to the application of multi flavor fruit juice products such as red tangerine. The label series of Ben company is printed by a new 10 color rotary gravure printing machine. Christopherfrank, vice president of sales at worldpack headquarters, explained: "The most serious problem occurred before the label drum arrived at the printing machine. Two years ago, we solved the peeling problem of the aluminum coating for another seller; we conducted 226 tests and debugged a variety of coatings and adhesives. Then the customer decided not to use the product we introduced.

since then, our technology and materials have been more refined. When Ben company seeks a unique and high visual impact By the time of force label, we have our own "breakthrough" - ready-made products are waiting there. Our new factory in South Korea concentrates our capabilities in other aspects, and progress in all aspects is very good "

the label used for TFD drinks is printed twice by a shaftless gravure printer, with a total of 9 colors, of which there are actually two kinds of white, in order to improve the contrast. After printing, the label is automatically cut and seamed for shipment

transfer station in California

these labels crossed the Pacific Ocean to buenapark, and were transported to the adjacent contract packer ame, which took the length and width of 50mm*220mmripec company for filling, capping and sealing. Edmuratori, general manager of ameripec, said, "some fairly advanced high-speed equipment is used."

including creep endurance testing machine, 48 position rotary automatic filling machine and 15 head capping machine manufactured by tlersmachine company. The containers processed by these machines are also sent to the 3300 single head sealing label machine and shrinkage channel manufactured by Fuji American packaging materials company

the PET packaging bottle used by Ben products is produced by Graham Packaging Company. Polypropylene bottle caps are produced by Owens Illinois. The bottle cap is provided with an anti opening sealing ring

for worldpack, the labels used by Ben reflect not only the communication between products and consumers, but also their future growth potential

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