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Packaging industry: the Asian packaging center has a wide range of export opportunities.

in recent years, with China's economic development, the packaging consumption of various commodities has increased sharply, and the packaging industry has developed rapidly. Statistics show that in 2001, the total output value of China's packaging industry reached 2.376 trillion yuan, rising from the bottom position to the 15th position this year among the 40 indicator industries of the national economy. China is gradually becoming a big packaging country

broad market prospects

according to incomplete statistics of packaging enterprises above the county level, there are more than 20000 packaging enterprises in China, creating more than 3 million jobs; In some places, the packaging industry has become a local pillar industry, and the enterprise scale, equipment level and product quality are close to international standards

on the one hand, the prosperity of China's packaging industry is due to the huge demand for packaging products in the domestic market, and on the other hand, due to the sharp increase in export products, which can only be increased after meeting people's requirements. At present, the packaging industry undertakes the packaging task of more than 300 billion yuan of domestic goods and more than 100 billion dollars of export goods every year. With China's entry into WTO, the export of products will be further expanded. According to the preliminary budget, China's major export products, such as clothing and textiles, machinery manufacturing, agricultural products, will increase by a large margin, and the annual export volume is expected to increase by US $8 billion to US $10 billion. The increase of product exports will certainly drive the substantial growth of corresponding product packaging

according to statistics, the global consumer market scale of packaging materials and containers in recent years is about 800 billion US dollars, and the United States has exceeded 120 billion US dollars, leading other countries. In terms of per capita packaging consumption, Japan is $617 and the United States is $463, both much higher than China

relevant experts believe that there is growth potential behind the gap in China's packaging industry

opportunities and challenges coexist

the rapid development of China's packaging industry has attracted global attention. Not long ago, the World Packaging Organization and the State Economic and Trade Commission approved the construction of the World Packaging Organization Asian packaging center in China, with the purpose of forming an industry center integrating research and development, manufacturing, trade and information in Asia. At present, the global packaging market share of $800billion is mainly occupied by a few large enterprise groups in the United States, Japan, Germany and other countries. Asian packaging center can build a "base" for the transfer of the world packaging industry to China, and provide a high-level and all-round carrier for the world packaging industry to land in China

at present, world-famous multinational packaging enterprises such as Tetra Pak in Sweden, international paper in the United States, OI, ACI in Australia, Saint Gobain in France, etc. have all invested and set up factories in China. To a certain extent, this has accelerated the pace that China's packaging industry must be manipulated under the guidance of skilled staff to integrate with the international packaging industry, and also made the domestic packaging industry face greater competitive pressure

after China's entry into WTO, the competition in the internal quality of products and packaging and decoration will become increasingly fierce. For example, the packaging and decoration of handicrafts, tourism products, gifts and export products are more important. From the perspective of comprehensive level, there is a big gap between China's packaging industry and developed countries in terms of modern packaging basic industrial level, high-tech content and so on. According to the statistics of the customs, the State Inspection Bureau, the economic and Trade Commission and other departments, from 1998 to 2000, the economic losses caused by poor packaging in China were more than US $7billion every year

grasp the trend and strengthen the industry

first, environmental protection will become the main theme of the packaging industry. With the rapid development of packaging industry, it has also become one of the largest polluting and resource wasting industries. According to statistics, packaging waste accounts for more than 35% of urban waste in the United States, 45% in Japan, and 30% - 50% in EU countries respectively; Our country estimates that it is at least 15% and is on the rise. Environmental protection has become an important strategic element for enterprises to establish reputation and improve product popularity. Data shows that by the end of last year, there were nearly 1000 green packaging enterprises in China, with an industrial investment of more than 8billion yuan and an annual total output value of 3billion yuan, which has accumulated strength for Chinese enterprises to "break the barrier" in the international market

secondly, keep up with international standards. An important reason why the products of some world-renowned enterprises can lead the world for a long time is that their products have generally introduced international standards. Therefore, the adoption of international packaging standards is the potential to enhance the competitiveness of packaging enterprises' products in the international market

third, improve competitiveness with design. The design of commodity packaging in developed countries fully reflects the "people-oriented" design concept of beauty, practicality and environmental protection, and its products are often popular. In contrast, domestic packaging design is relatively fragile, and many enterprises have to take the design of product packaging appearance and even the design of packaging structure and materials abroad. At the same time, this also leaves a huge market gap for packaging enterprises

fourth, win the market by brand. It is generally recognized that the development of online monitoring and analysis system is particularly important. It is recognized that the management of intangible capital such as brand is higher than that of capital. At present, consumers' brand awareness is increasing. In developed countries, the proportion of intangible assets of enterprises in assets has reached 50% - 70%, and some even reached 3-5 times

finally, scale is the only way for enterprises to survive. At present, the price of environmentally friendly packaging materials that meet the standards in the market is about twice that of traditional packaging materials, and small green packaging enterprises are facing survival difficulties. Industry experts pointed out that from the current situation, it is difficult for enterprises with an annual output of 50million pieces of ad Da, a DDB, a ddc: imitating the channel selection address signal (based on 500ml lunch boxes) to operate for a long time, and the production capacity of more than 100 million pieces is the foothold of enterprises. Correspondingly, the equipment manufacturing enterprises try their best to improve the process, so as to greatly reduce the production cost and realize large-scale benefits

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