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The rise of packaging in the central area of Anhui printing industry in Southeast Anhui has reached five

Anhui Publishing, radio, film and Television Bureau has awarded the title of packaging science and Technology Industrial Park to Chuzhou economic and Technological Development Zone, which has a high concentration of packaging enterprises. So far, the central area of the printing industry in Anhui Province has reached five popular methods in the advertising industry, such as "telling stories", citing non source statistical data and "scientific research shows"

after the reform and opening up, especially in recent years, a large number of packaging enterprises have sprung up in Chuzhou City, Anhui Province, in the southeast of Anhui Province, forming a regional industrial cluster. Since then, Chuzhou has become another packaging and printing industrial base after Tongcheng City, Anhui Province. Anhui Publishing, radio, film and Television Bureau awarded the title of packaging science and Technology Industrial Park to Chuzhou Economic Development Zone in Anhui Province, which has a high concentration of packaging enterprises

at present, there are five printing industry centers in Anhui Province, namely, the publication printing center in Hefei, the plastic and bottle cap printing center in Tongcheng, the pharmaceutical packaging printing center in Taihe County, the book printing center in Mengcheng County, and the metal and carton printing center in Chuzhou

Chuzhou now governs two districts (Langya and Nanqiao), four counties (Lai'an, Quanjiao, Dingyuan and Fengyang), and two county-level cities (Tianchang and Mingguang); Each administrative region has a different number of packaging enterprises, and each has ③ data processing modularization, standardization, automation and upgrading function: representative enterprises

Chuzhou's large-scale packaging enterprises with an annual sales revenue of more than 30million yuan are mainly concentrated in two municipal districts, and there are several in Mingguang and Tianchang, with a total of about 20. Among them, benchmark enterprises include Chuzhou Jiamei iron can making Co., Ltd., longlide Packaging Co., Ltd., Anhui Qiaofeng packaging and Printing Co., Ltd., sunshine Xiazi green packaging Co., Ltd., Anhui Huali Packaging Co., Ltd., etc

these benchmark enterprises have made extraordinary efforts. For example, Jiamei can adjust the horizontal conditioning handwheel of the table to replace the field printing iron. The total investment and registered capital are US $31million, and the annual sales revenue has exceeded 1 billion yuan; Longlide packaging, with an output value of 530 million yuan in only three years after it was put into operation, is one of the four existing national printing demonstration enterprises in Anhui Province; Qiaofeng packaging achieved 12million yuan in annual tax payment alone, and entered the ranks of private culture in Anhui Province; Huali packaging is a large state-owned enterprise, OCT Group, with a registered capital of HK $40million

Chuzhou has become a new packaging and printing base for three reasons:

superior geographical location

Chuzhou is close to Nanjing, an important town along the river, with developed waterways, roads and railways, and convenient logistics; But it is not as crowded and noisy as Nanjing, especially it does not reach the saturation of industry, which is suitable for entrepreneurship and human settlement

at the same time, there is also Langya Mountain, a scenic spot with a long history. Ouyangxiu, a scholar of the Northern Song Dynasty, once wrote a popular prose "the story of a drunken man in the pavilion", in which the sentence "the meaning of a drunken man is not in wine" is widely used by later generations. Packaging enterprises can use the beauty of Langya Mountain to contact customers and promote exchanges and cooperation

preferential investment policies

Chuzhou was formerly Chuxian county. Although it governs several counties, it mainly focuses on agriculture and has a low degree of industrialization. After the land reform, especially in recent years, Chuzhou has put forward the concept of building a big Chuzhou to speed up the process of industrialization and urbanization. One of its safeguard measures is that the investment promotion policy is relatively preferential, which is fully reflected in the low price of industrial land and the tax reduction and exemption of new industrial enterprises. Foreign funded enterprises are particularly cared for, making them feel warm

Jiamei iron printing Co., Ltd., founded solely by China Food Packaging Co., Ltd. registered in Hong Kong, has been cared by all aspects of Chuzhou City and even its leaders from site selection, housing construction to production and operation. Therefore, the construction of three phases of the project has been carried out smoothly without delay. Qiaofeng packaging is a joint-stock enterprise jointly built by Hong Kong Qiaowei group and the former Chuzhou newspaper printing factory. With the strong support of relevant departments in Chuzhou, it has developed rapidly, attracting Yunnan Qiaotong packaging and Printing Co., Ltd. to participate in and increase its equity. Yangguangxiazi is a joint-stock enterprise established by Chuzhou private printing capital and Takano Co., Ltd. of Japan. It also received the full support of the local Party committee and government, and twice allocated land for the expansion of the new area

priority in undertaking industrial transfer

the section of the Yangtze River flowing through Anhui Province is called the Wanjiang river. There are eight cities along the Wanjiang River, known as the Wanjiang City belt, and Chuzhou is one of them

at the beginning of 2010, the State Council officially approved the "Wanjiang City belt to undertake industrial transfer demonstration zone planning", which triggered a wave of industrial transfer from coastal and economically developed areas to Wanjiang City belt. For a time, many enterprises with strong strength but unable to exert themselves locally seized the beachhead here one after another, just like the Eight Immortals crossing the sea, showing their magic powers. It's certainly a good thing that people are willing to invest funds and equipment in your home. It can be said that business opportunities are floating. Why not? But the situation is different if the undertaking is fast or slow, and the service is good or bad

among the counties to which Chuzhou belongs, there is a county-level city called Mingguang, which started early, acted quickly and reaped great gains in undertaking industrial transfer. Mingguang, a place name, existed a hundred years ago in 1912, when the Jin Pu railway was completed and opened to traffic. At that time, a station set up by the railway in Anhui was called Mingguang, which shows the importance of its location

due to its important location and sincere investment invitation, longlide packaging, which originated in Shanghai, soon decided to transfer the future part of the enterprise from Shanghai to Mingguang, and wanted to create a stronger longlide packaging here, so that Mingguang could become an important milestone in the centenary history of longlide packaging

five years have passed, and the industrial transfer of longlide packaging has been realized. Due to the tacit cooperation at the local level, the enterprise occupied all the time in the bright light, with favorable conditions for both time and people, and everything went smoothly. It has achieved double prosperity in the construction of spiritual civilization and material civilization. However, it is beneficial to detect materials with very large or very small elongation and obtain accurate experimental results. The Secretary of the Anhui provincial Party committee also visited in person, and the company was elected as the chairman unit of Chuzhou printing and packaging industry association

the sentence in the story of the drunken man Pavilion is: mountains are all around Chu. At that time, only mountains really entered master Ouyang's eyes. But now it's different. At the foot of Langya Mountain, the sound of packaging is heard all the time, and the printing rumbles as if it were a festival. Chuzhou's children are contributing to the decoration of the world

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