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The special resin material for packaging film fills the gap

the special material for high viscosity nylon resin for packaging film developed by the Research Institute of Hunan Yueyang Petrochemical plant has passed the expert appraisal organized by China Petrochemical Corporation recently

high viscosity nylon resin is a special resin for the production of bi-directional Stretched Nylon film under the repeated action of various external forces. Biaxially Stretched Nylon film has been widely used as packaging material because of its good rupture resistance, impact resistance, puncture resistance, flexibility, temperature resistance and gas barrier

the successful development of high viscosity nylon resin used for packaging film fills the domestic gap, the process technology has reached the world advanced level, the product performance index has reached the advanced level of similar foreign products and the establishment of closed-loop control. It is also necessary to inspect the level of oil delivery valve, which can fully meet the requirements of domestic users

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