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Packaging exceeds product cost mooncake packaging manufacturing windfall

the Consumer Association said that the cost of packaging exceeds product cost, violating the legitimate rights and interests of consumers

consumers mooncake luxury packaging manufacturing windfall

yesterday, Cheng Gang, who lives in Liaohe community, Huanggu District, said that the excessive packaging of moon cakes by merchants violated the rights and interests of consumers

in an interview, Mr. Cheng said that a few days ago, he went to several supermarkets near his unit to buy a few boxes of moon cakes for his friends, but when buying moon cakes, he found that almost the same moon cakes had a price difference of more than fiveorsix times due to different packaging. Mr. Lu thought that the excessive packaging of moon cakes was suspected of profiteering. Mr. Cheng made a comparison. Due to different packaging, the prices of mooncakes with the same net content and the same processing materials vary greatly. For example, a gift moon cake packaged in a beautiful carton with six pieces of sugar filled mooncakes sells for about 50 yuan, while a gift moon cake with the same six pieces of sugar filled mooncakes, but packaged in two layers in a wooden box, sells for 270 yuan

it is a trend for enterprises to pursue exquisite packaging

can the excessive packaging of moon cakes bring more considerable economic benefits to production enterprises? Interviewed several moon cake manufacturers in Shenyang, and most of them kept this secret. Xiang, a well-known brand moon cake manufacturer, said that because the traditional process of moon cake production is basically the same, and its production cost basically depends on the stuffing, in order to improve the added value of products, businesses have to work hard on packaging. Cartons and iron digital LCD and computer-controlled display boxes are changed into wooden boxes, leather boxes, bamboo boxes, brocade boxes, lacquer boxes, plastic boxes, etc., with only one purpose, which is to attract the attention of consumers, In order to improve the value of moon cakes, and the pursuit of exquisite packaging has become the development trend of moon cake manufacturers

as for whether excessive packaging will generate huge profits, moon cake manufacturers said that in order to design a unique packaging style, they also need to invest a certain amount of manpower and material resources, and there are certain seasonal restrictions on the sales of moon cakes. After this time, moon cakes are worthless. Since the profits of moon cakes are thin, it is not uncommon to make an article on packaging

experts have not legislated on excessive packaging

how should we view the debate caused by excessive packaging of goods? In an interview, the staff of Shenyang consumers' Association said that strictly speaking, excessive packaging of products such as moon cakes did harm the interests of consumers. The original intention of packaging is to protect commodities and beautify their appearance, but consumers still pay for commodities rather than packaging. If manufacturers put the cart before the horse, or even the cost of packaging exceeds the cost of products, it will infringe on the legitimate rights and interests of consumers


has a group of leading enterprises such as COFCO biochemical and Dacheng Group. At present, many countries have laws and regulations to restrict excessive packaging. For example, it is stipulated that the packaging space of products shall not exceed 25% of the packaging volume, and the packaging cost shall not exceed 15% of the product value. At the same time, the over packaged goods shall be confiscated and fined in strict accordance with the standard conditions, or the manufacturers, importers and retailers shall be required to take the responsibility of recycling and recycling the packaging materials. At present, there are no regulations in this regard in China. Press the "reset" key

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