The hottest Nandu futures closed on Thursday, and

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Nandu Futures: Tokyo Jiao was closed on Thursday, and Shanghai Jiao fell sharply in the afternoon

on the 23rd, the Tokyo market was closed for labor Thanksgiving, so Tokyo Jiao was not traded. In the absence of the outer market, Shanghai rubber was sideways in a narrow range in the morning, but in the second half of the afternoon, a round of rapid decline was launched under the pressure of short funds. In the late afternoon, some actively closed positions and finally pushed the rubber price to close near the lowest point of the day. It is more appropriate for the main short sellers to suppress the rubber price today. Due to the sharp fall in crude oil prices last night, if nothing unexpected, Tokyo Jiao, which has been weaker than Shanghai Jiao in recent performance, will also make corresponding adjustments to the decline in crude oil after the resumption of trading tomorrow. On the other hand, the U.S. market is closed for Thanksgiving, and crude oil is not traded in the intramarket on Thursday and Friday, so the impact of yesterday's crude oil weakness will continue to envelop. Under such external factors, the weakness of natural rubber is still difficult to improve. The fundamental situation has not been significantly improved for the time being, so the original short sellers still continue to hold, maintain positions and wait patiently, pay attention to the progress of the market, first enter the filter to filter out all spikes and exchange interference, and then change further

in terms of spot goods, no deal was made in the domestic agricultural reclamation e-commerce market today. The average price of Haikou pending orders was reported at 17448 yuan/ton, with a pending order volume of 1275 tons. The average price of Kunming hall pending orders was significantly reduced to 17003 yuan/ton, with a pending order volume of 861 tons. The midday export quotation of Malaysia No. 20 standard glue continued to fall, down $26 from yesterday, and was reported at 1 Experimental force: (0.098 Jinan experimental machine factory will show you about experimental machines, 0.246, 0.49, 0.98, 1.96, 2.94, 4.90, 9.80) n dollars/ton

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