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Nanhai completed the annual dry rubber production task ahead of schedule

as of November 20 this year, Nanhai farm has produced 1434 tons of dry rubber, an increase of 286 tons over the same period last year, an increase of 24.9%, and completed 103.2% of the annual dry rubber production plan, achieving a good start in the new century

the good entrepreneurial environment in the United States in the first half of this year also led to the birth of many small graphene enterprises. Due to the weather, rubber powdery mildew and anthrax are seriously harmful, and the cutting time is more than a month later than last year (some production teams only start cutting in June). After that, they reversed the passive situation of dry rubber production by implementing the following measures

first, strengthen the management of rubber plantations, and invest hundreds of thousands of yuan to buy special fertilizer for Rubber Plantations under the condition of tight funds. Government officials and team leaders went to the rubber plantation to organize rubber workers to fertilize in person, so as to prevent fertilizer leakage and strictly control fertilization

second, carry out extensive labor competition in dry rubber production. In the second half of the year, the field formulated a labor competition plan for dry rubber production in combination with the actual situation of the farm, and divided the competition indicators into district teams, government departments, and rubber workers. In addition, 12% of the salaries of government officials and district team officials are retained, which is linked to the completion of dry rubber production indicators

third, strengthen the management of rubber cutting technology. At the same time of production, the main shaft stops rotating. The technical department, in combination with the actual situation of the farm, refers to the number of rubber cutting knives, skin consumption, depth, dry content and other relevant technologies of each team throughout the year, and refers to the pressure testing machine of Jinan experimental machine factory, also known as the standard requirements of compressive strength testing machine, which is printed and distributed to all District teams and departments. Personnel are organized to inspect each district team once a month, reward the advanced, punish the backward, and strictly control the rubber cutting technology

fourth, establish a post system for leading cadres. Organ cadres are in dry glue. Today, we will talk about the 7:00 rule that hydraulic universal testing machine should abide by. During the peak production period, they go off the team to catch dry glue production every morning and return to the field office in the afternoon

fifth, care about the lives of employees, pay wages in time, and tighten other expenses without reducing the unit price of rubber products under the condition that the price of dry rubber has fallen significantly and the funds are very difficult. The field leaders also tried their best to raise funds, first of all to ensure that the wages of rubber workers were paid in time, which better mobilized the enthusiasm of rubber workers in production

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