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Luocun, Nanhai applies for a famous town of glassware

many professional famous town clusters in Foshan are expected to add new talents, with an annual output value of nearly 500 million yuan. Luocun Town, where nearly 50 glass products enterprises gather, recently submitted the application materials of "China's famous daily glassware town" to the relevant departments of the State Council. The daily glassware industry cluster is emerging in Luocun Town, Nanhai District

at the 13th anniversary and the fourth general meeting of Nanhai Luocun chamber of Commerce held yesterday, Li Shenhua, chairman of Huaxing Glass Co., Ltd., was elected president of the chamber of Commerce. Not long ago, according to the principle of "major expertise", the project of Huaxing Glass Co., Ltd. was recognized by the "China Glass Industry Association" for its scale and brand, and Li Shenhua was elected as the vice president of the association. According to Zhang Yanchang, Secretary of Luocun Township Party committee and chairman of the Township People's Congress, Li Shenhua is the first local enterprise with a "national" brand

as early as a year and a half ago, Zhang Yanchang, the Secretary of the township party committee, was thinking about how plastics and other materials have been widely used in all walks of life. This chipset signal amplification has allowed the local main daily-use glass products (soy sauce bottles, wine bottles, drug packaging bottles, etc.) to occupy a higher market share in China. A number of economics professors from Tsinghua University and Sun Yat sen University were invited to inspect the glassware production enterprises in the town and give advice on the development of the glass industry

Luocun town is known as the "hometown of glass", with an annual output value of nearly 500million yuan. At present, there are nearly 50 glass enterprises in Luocun Town, among which Huaxing Glass Factory is the largest glassware manufacturer in China, with an annual output of 200000 tons. In order to improve the level of science and technology, some large glass enterprises in Luocun town have established long-term industry university research partnerships with Tsinghua University, Fudan University, China Glass Research Institute and other units

Zhang Yanchang, the Secretary of the township party committee, revealed that the materials related to the establishment of Luocun "China's famous daily glassware town" have been submitted to the relevant departments, and at the same time, they are conducting research on how to develop the glass industry in the next step and promote the industrial upgrading, but if they just simply seek the low price level

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