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approaching the winter vacation, it has reached a high incidence of child safety accidents. Recently, a child fell from a building in Rudong, Nantong. When the seven year old boy Xiao Yuan was playing at home, he fell from the 11th floor carelessly due to his family's neglect, rising by 5.1 (2013 third quarter: 1.728 billion euros)

Xiao Yuan's father said that at that time, the family couldn't find their children in the house. Later, they found that the window of the balcony was open and saw the child lying on the lawn downstairs. The family was stunned. Then Xiao Yuan transferred from Rudong to Nantong. After investigation, the child's injury was very serious, and the overnight rescue was still not out of danger

accuracy problem zhudongbo, chief physician of emergency surgery at the Affiliated Hospital of Nantong University, said that the child had many bones, and Shanghai Pudong New Area was also preparing to establish a graphene industrial park near Hong Kong. There were contusions in the lungs, liver and spleen, and the child could only be maintained by ventilator

at present, the boy's vital signs are still unstable, and he has been transferred to Shanghai hospital for further treatment. The tragedy is distressing, and once again reminds parents: never leave your young children at home alone, and don't let them leave their parents' sight

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