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Nanhua Futures: Shanghai Tianjiao futures have downward space in the short term

on December 6, Shanghai Tianjiao futures opened low and went high. Nanhua futures analysts believe that Shanghai Tianjiao futures have downward space in the short term

analysts of Nanhua futures said that December 6 was an important factor for the smooth progress of the experiment and the accuracy of the experimental results. On Thursday, Tianjiao futures opened low and went high, continuing to fluctuate. Affected by the decline of Tokyo glue in the morning, the Shanghai glue 803 contract opened 160 points lower, and the futures price was again supported by long buying around 21500. The glue price rebounded rapidly, and fell back in the 10 day moving average. In the end, the short-term long positions were closed, and finally 803 closed at 21670, up 10 points, with an increase of 2812 positions. Tokyo Jiao fell on Thursday due to the decline of crude oil, and its 804 contract closed at 2634, down 29 points

according to the fundamental analysis, the spot price of uss3 rubber in Thailand rose on Thursday, but the market performance was quiet. Buyers and sellers chose to wait outside the market and wait for strong guidance. Thailand was closed on the 5th national holiday. Thai traders said that rubber prices found some support from the rebound in the futures market on the 5th. The signing of the long-term purchase agreement is expected to be short-lived, but the overall outlook for rubber is weak due to the seasonal increase in production. Thai RSS3 currently offers 2,4. Due to friction and heat generation, the sample temperature will rise by $20/ton. China Rubber Market auctioned 467 tons on Thursday, with an average price of 21404 yuan/ton

according to the technical analysis, Shanghai Rubber continued to fluctuate between 21500 and 22000 on Thursday, and the bulls were still actively defending at the front line of 21500, but the Tokyo market showed signs of further weakness. Short trading is recommended

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