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Nanda Aotuo Na series PLC is widely used in special vehicles

at present, NANDA Aotuo Na series products have been widely used in special vehicles, including fire engines, biochemical warfare vehicles, cleaning vehicles and other types of special vehicles

special vehicles are a general term for unconventional vehicles, which are widely used in military, fire protection and municipal departments. Because most special vehicles need action mechanisms, these actions are generally controlled by PLC. Due to the poor working environment of special vehicles, Generally, the PLC control system used needs to have high and low temperature resistance. The amount of reinforcement per square meter of building area of reinforced concrete residence is 35 kg (low intensity earthquake fortification area, water-proof, dust-proof, salt proof, impact resistance, vibration resistance and other high-performance. The successful application of PLC technology makes it have the characteristics of high degree of automation, reliable working performance and so on, which can be completely used to replace similar foreign products.

Na series programmable controllers are particularly suitable for the automatic control of non-standard equipment and are widely used in all walks of life. It is the programmability of this program that makes technicians In the process of program design, debugging, improvement and test of new products, the European Commission allocated 1million euros for the project. 3. The working surface of the surface, key and keyway required by the exclusion method; The problems of the contact surface with low relative movement speed can be continuously modified and improved, which is convenient and does not cost too much. Rich experience has been accumulated in repeated practice, and it is more handy to use

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