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Nanjing "golden fair" opening industry giants gathered at the smart Industry Development Summit

on the morning of September 23, 2013 China Nanjing Golden autumn economic and trade fair and focus on Nanjing - International Smart industry development summit was officially opened at Nanjing Jinling Convention Center. Yang Weize, member of the Standing Committee of the provincial Party committee and Secretary of the municipal Party committee, Ji Jianye, mayor, Chen Shaoze, director of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People's Congress, Shen Jian, chairman of the Municipal People's Political Consultative Conference, and other major municipal leaders as well as experts and entrepreneurs from all walks of life attended the event and made wonderful speeches

the development of international smart industry is the theme of this golden fair

it is understood that this golden fair takes the development of international smart industry as the theme, aiming to further enhance the consensus of all circles on the development of smart industry. At present, the world is accelerating into the era of wisdom, and Nanjing's science and education talent resources are the most important development potential of Nanjing

at present, Nanjing is promoting the top ten demonstration projects of IOT, such as intelligent industry, intelligent environmental protection, intelligent transportation, intelligent disaster prevention and control, intelligent agriculture, intelligent public safety, intelligent health care, intelligent logistics, intelligent electricity, intelligent home, etc., and Nanjing's traditional industries are also gradually integrating into intellectualization. In terms of information service industry, Nanjing has always maintained rapid development. In 2015, the city's software business revenue will reach 400billion yuan, building a high-standard software city in China, but a direct and effective method to calibrate the indicated value. 205. Selection of temperature change rate. Ordinary high and low temperature experimental boxes have no index of cooling rate. In 20 years, the software business revenue is expected to reach 100billion yuan, becoming a world-class software city

industry giants gathered in Nanjing automobile will be expected to bid farewell to traffic accidents

at the Nanjing International Smart Industry Development Summit held on the same day, the five-year demand from seven well-known enterprises, such as China Unicom, Suning yunshang and IBM, fell by 100million ⑴ The 500 million ton delegates also made wonderful speeches on the development of smart industry. Among them, Liu Yunjie, director of the science and Technology Commission of China Unicom and academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering, mentioned some ideas about car couplets in her speech entitled "development opportunities and thinking of cities with low speed of intelligent experiments in China". It is understood that the car service refers to the electronic tag loaded on the vehicle, which can extract and effectively use the attribute information, static and dynamic information of all vehicles on the information network platform through radio frequency and other identification technologies, and effectively supervise and provide comprehensive services for the operation status of all vehicles according to different functional requirements. With the continuous development of information technology and wireless network, it provides a platform for the realization of car service. In the near future, driverless motor vehicles may no longer be a dream, and traffic accidents may say goodbye to us

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