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Nanjing Chengguan streetlighter "craftsman spirit" casts the most beautiful urban lighting

original title: Nanjing Chengguan streetlighter "craftsman spirit" casts the most beautiful urban lighting

five outstanding people from the lighting industry participated on behalf of Nanjing

in the competition, Nanjing Chengguan streetlighters showed their craftsman spirit

lighting effect of Mengdu street

the night view of Xuanwu Lake lit up in the "three year night view lighting improvement" project

from October 31 to November 1, the fifth Jiangsu Province urban lighting industry maintenance electrician vocational skills competition was held in Wuxi. This little-known industry competition shows the other side of today's street lighting workers - the city's night scene lighting can't be separated from street lighting workers all day. Today's street lighting workers can not only "change bulbs", but also know programming and other skills like the palm of their hand. In the competition, five players of the Nanjing team competed with those from brother cities on the same stage to compete for lighting maintenance skills, showing the "craftsman spirit" of the lighting industry in Nanjing. Yangzi Evening News often neglects to attach this item. Zhang Ke

directly hit the scene

Nanjing players arranged five faults in 15 minutes,

sweat soaked the street lights on

at 9:30 a.m. on November 1, Liu Chenglong, one of the players of the Nanjing team and from the road light management office of Nanjing Urban Management Bureau, began the competition of "control box troubleshooting" project. At the scene of the game, the wireless monitoring lighting control box selected by Liu Chenglong was set with five faults. He first pulled down the switch and checked the faults one by one with the detector in the power-off state. The lamp head wiring was insulated and the two terminals of the time controller were switched... Liu Chenglong successfully eliminated four faults. Where is the last fault? He repeatedly tested and never found it

there is a rule in the "control box troubleshooting" event that players can remove faults with power off or with power on. However, in the process of live troubleshooting, if tripping is caused by misoperation, 30 points will be deducted, accounting for 30% of the total score of the project. As the race time passed, Liu Chenglong choked a sweat. He finally decided to close the switch and remove the obstacles with electricity. At the moment of power on, one of the street lights simulated on the control box did not light up. This gave Liu Chenglong a breakthrough. He began the reverse investigation from the "street lamp". After disassembling the AC contactor, he found that the circuit was blocked because of insulation. After 15 minutes of maintenance, the street lamp was on

Jiangsu lighting industry electrician maintenance skills competition is a special competition in the lighting industry under the provincial housing and urban rural construction system staff vocational skills competition system. It has been held every other year since 2010. This year is the fifth competition. In this competition, a total of 65 contestants from 13 cities in the province competed for skills in the same field, requiring five items: competition theory examination, "cable heat shrinkage", "control box troubleshooting", "lamp assembly", "DMX512 protocol operation (programming and installation of landscape lighting facilities)". From the hands-on operation projects, it can be seen that in addition to mastering the traditional "Kung Fu" of cable crimping and lamp assembly, aviation enterprises should also be able to quickly encourage them to directly act as agents for goods and accurately troubleshoot lighting facilities

the coach who led the team witnessed the lighting changes in the past 40 years.

today's street lighters also have to be able to program.

"street lighters in the modern sense are far from being as simple as changing a light bulb, and they even have to be able to program." Liu Jianxiang, who has worked as a street lamp worker in the street lamp management office of Nanjing Urban Management Bureau for 36 years, is the coach of the Nanjing team and the director of the Chengbei maintenance Institute of this competition. He has witnessed the changes of Nanjing street lamps in the past 40 years. Thousands of street lamps have returned to light under his craftsmen, illuminating the way for Nanjing citizens to go home

in the past 40 years, in the spirit of craftsmanship, the street lamp management office of Nanjing Urban Management Bureau has trained a batch of street lamp workers. Liu Jianxiang's master is now nearly 80 years old, and Liu's apprentices, the youngest is "post-95". Liu Jianxiang, who graduated from high school at that time, knew little about lighting knowledge. "It was all brought out by the master alone. We seem to be ordinary occupations, but when it comes to lighting effect and electricity safety, we pay great attention to craftsmanship." In the 1980s and 1990s, the street lamps in Nanjing were white woven lamps, which later became high-pressure mercury lamps and high-pressure sodium lamps, and in recent years became LED lamps. Electricians' skills should also keep pace with the times

in recent years, with the great improvement of urban landscape lighting, the elevated roads, roadsides and scenic spots in Nanjing are all shining after nightfall. These lights are either transformed into patterns or streamers. The lighting of "high appearance value" puts forward higher requirements for electricians. "How to run the light group, how to light the light, and how to troubleshoot if there is a fault... Now electricians should master and update their skills at any time." Electrician skills should also be updated at any time, and you can also get a glimpse from the competition items. Especially in the installation and maintenance of landscape lighting facilities, electricians should also be able to program, set the lighting sequence and color change sequence of each lamp, and even realize the dynamic interpretation of patterns

day and night

there are more than 1.1 million lamps in the main city of Nanjing for routine maintenance,

which one does not light up and remove the obstacles within 24 hours

Liu Leishi, head of the technical team of this competition and chief engineer of the street lamp management office of Nanjing Urban Management Bureau, introduced that since Nanjing participated in the provincial urban lighting industry maintenance electrician skills competition since 2010, through training, selection and competition, Nanjing has cultivated a batch of skilled talents in the lighting maintenance industry, They have played a positive role in improving the urban lighting quality of warehouses and silo facilities to be built in Nanjing

in order to strengthen the construction of the staff, standardize the skill operation and improve the comprehensive quality, the street lamp management office of Nanjing urban management bureau organizes the front-line staff of each maintenance station to carry out a two-month skill training from February to March every year. The training content is more complicated than the skill competition, including climbing operation, safety production, installation of small lights, inspection and maintenance of box type transformer, etc. after the training is completed, an assessment is organized to evaluate the training effect. In order not to affect daily work, the training needs to take up employees' spare time, but no one is absent for some reason

at present, the street lamp management office of Nanjing Urban Management Bureau is responsible for the daily maintenance of nearly 300000 street lamps and more than 800000 landscape lamps in the six districts of the main city. Among them, the lighting rate of street lamps remains above 99% all year round. In case of sudden large-scale failure of street lamp lighting, the maintenance personnel can ensure to arrive at the site within 2 hours and handle it to a safe state. Generally, the lights will be restored within 24 hours, and in special cases, the lights will be restored within 48 hours, which provides a good guarantee for the safe travel of the general public

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Nanjing Chengguan streetlighter

in 3 years, he described the night scene lighting framework of the main city

Nanjing Chengguan streetlighter not only illuminated the night return path of citizens, but also described a bright night Jinling through night scene lighting design in recent years

in 2016, Nanjing Urban Management Bureau launched the "three-year night scene lighting improvement" project. As of May this year, the lights on the whole line of the outer Qinhuai River were officially on, and the night scene lighting framework of "one lake, one river, one city, two rings and multiple nodes" in the main city of Nanjing was completed. According to the introduction, the three-year improvement plan of Nanjing nightscape lighting takes "Nanjing station and Nanjing South Station" as the "bright eyes", the inner ring and outer ring interchanges as the "tassel", the "one river, one lake, gb/t 16989 (1) 997" geotextile joint/joint Wide Strip Tensile Test Method "as the" Luo Shan ", and the scattered scenic spot nodes as the" step shake ". Use lights to reshape the vivid night scenery of the city, and show the pattern of "one river and two banks" and the style of "landscape city forest" in Nanjing under the night

in October 2016, the three "night business cards" of Nanjing's main city, "one lake, one river and two interchanges", were in full bloom. In May 2017, the lighting improvement of the main transportation hubs (viaducts and overpasses) and the viaducts of Jiangbei Avenue and Weisan road in the main urban area was basically completed; The three portal windows have been brightened and improved; The axis of the main roads in the city was lightened, and the picture of the buildings on both sides of the road was also slowly unfolded; In May this year, the 12.7-kilometer-long outer Qinhuai River was illuminated, showing a bright night view of 4 strong wind sections and 40 bright landscapes

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