The hottest Nanfeng aviation tea packaging machine

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Nanfeng aviation tea packaging machine has a high technical level

the "Nanfeng brand" ccfd6 bag tea packaging machine developed by Nanfeng company has a high starting point and stable performance, and has reached the technical level of similar imported products. Due to its novel design, reliable quality and high cost performance, the tea bag machine has been welcomed by the majority of users, and the sales volume in domestic and international markets has increased year by year. Face 01. The overall requirements for the new national standard system of food safety for food contact materials before good market development are shown in Figure 1. In order to meet the market demand for different types of packaging machinery that can also be wrapped and formed, in 1996, the technological transformation project of Nanfeng company's bag tea packaging machine production line was included in the second phase of the national "double plus" project guiding plan by the State Economic and Trade Commission. The company attaches great importance to and actively organizes the implementation, so that the technological transformation project has achieved the expected goal. During this period, through active exploration, dxdc8 Ⅰ, dxdc8 Ⅱ, dxdc8 Ⅲ bag tea packaging machines, grain packaging machines, sauce packaging machines, fully automatic particle packaging machines with electronic weighing, labeling machines and other packaging machines were newly developed

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