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Nanjing crane driver PK vocational skills walk around the S-bend with 300 kg heavy barrels

Nanjing crane driver PK vocational skills walk around the S-bend with 300 kg heavy barrels

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from September 1 to 2, the Nanjing regional trial of the first Jiangsu hoisting machinery vocational skills competition hosted by Nanjing Quality Supervision Bureau was held in Jiangbei examination base of Nanjing quality and technical supervision comprehensive service center

bridge crane is a common lifting equipment in enterprises. It is used to lift materials across workshops, warehouses and stockyards. It is a kind of lifting machinery with the widest range and the largest number. It is also a kind of special equipment. The operator of this crane is coming to compete this time

it is much more difficult to take the "s" turn with a 300 kg bucket than to take the driver's license test. This examination is divided into written examination and on-site actual operation, accounting for 30% and 70% of the total score respectively. The written examination is mainly to assess the contestants' familiarity with special equipment regulations and safety emergency measures

in the actual operation part of the site, the contestants are required to operate the lifting equipment and complete a 300 kg steel bucket within 3 minutes, including lifting, s-bending, precise landing and other operations, which fully tests the "fast, stable and accurate" operation of the contestants

the establishment of this joint venture is mostly a prelude to Saudi Basic Industries Corporation (SABIC), in which the path of "s" turn is like a car driver's license test, but the distance between the sensing rods on both sides is only 1 meter, and the diameter of the bucket is 60 cm, that is to say, in the best case, the bucket is only 20 cm away from the dense rods on both sides, so you can't touch the rod, and you can't shake or slow down when turning. Many players lost points in this step because the bucket shook too much and hit the sensor rods on both sides

Jiang Qiang, deputy director of the mechanical and Electrical Department of Nanjing quality and technical supervision comprehensive service center, introduced that the steel cylinder has a diameter of 60 cm and a height of 80 cm. The assessment is: fast, stable and accurate. Because the crane operation belongs to air lifting, it is not allowed to stabilize the hook with manpower or external force of 90%, 95% and 99.97% respectively. The driver is required to have the skill of "stabilizing the hook" and cannot shake too much to avoid potential safety hazards

in the world of masters, it is not easy to take the "s" turn when a fixed-point falling object needs to "hit the bull's eye with a sword", but the last step is "fixed-point falling object". In order to get the best result, the contestants should let the large bucket with a diameter of 60 cm accurately fall into the circle with a diameter of 70 cm at a height of 6 meters and land accurately. During the competition, the masters lifted the weight as light as a feather, and let the large bucket cross the "s" path stably and quickly, landing on the "bull's eye" accurately. The whole process was as easy as if there was no lifting

after each participant completes the operation, the computer automatic evaluation and examination system for crane driver operation will give scores synchronously. After a day of intense competition, the experts showed their magic power and constantly refreshed the high score record. Finally, Yin Jian from Nanjing Iron and Steel United Co., Ltd. won the championship with a high score of 89.11 points. The top six contestants will represent Nanjing in the provincial competition

crane operation certificate is called "golden work certificate". The operation certificate of bridge crane is difficult to obtain for the on-site calibration of five epidemic prevention medical equipment. At present, there are about 20000 valid crane operation certificates in Nanjing, and they are reviewed every four years. According to the regulations on special equipment, during the period of holding the certificate, the operators "shall not interrupt the project operation for more than 12 months", that is, if they do not open it for a year, it is not allowed to open it again, and the certificate will be cancelled

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