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Nanhu District digital economy industry agglomeration powerful momentum

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after being listed as the provincial digital economy incentive County, recently, Nanhu District digital economy once again shines across the province. On October 5, the Zhejiang county digital economy development network influence index was officially released in September. Nanhu District ranked sixth in the province. In the previous three months, Nanhu District was in the top ten for the first time, reflecting that the development of digital economy in Nanhu District is gathering more and more powerful momentum

China continues to innovate in the field of advanced extrusion technology

the influence index of Zhejiang county digital economy development network is jointly released by the Zhejiang Institute of Digital Economics and Zhejiang · Zhejiang digital economy. From July this year, it will comprehensively display the communication power and influence of the digital economy development of 90 counties (cities, districts) in Zhejiang on the network. The ranking of this list basically reflects the concentration of Zhejiang's digital economy industry

in recent years, Nanhu District has adhered to the strategy of "strengthening the digital economy zone" and fully implemented the "No. 1 project" of digital economy. The development of digital economy in the whole region has shown a good momentum, and a new generation of information technology industry clusters with obvious scale effect, distinctive industrial characteristics and complete industrial chain have been formed, especially in the fields of intelligent terminals and integrated circuits, which have prominent leading advantages in the province. In 2018, the comprehensive evaluation of digital economy development ranked 11th among counties (cities, districts) in the province and first in the city. In May this year, Nanhu District was rated as one of the five counties (cities, districts) in the province that "implemented the 'No. 1 project' of digital economy, vigorously developed the digital economy, and cultivated new kinetic energy with remarkable results", and was supervised and encouraged by the provincial government

according to the relevant personnel of the District Economic and Information Bureau of Commerce, at present, the district has gathered more than 500 enterprises directly related to the digital economy. As the "No. 1" industry in the "1341" industrial system of Nanhu District, the new generation of electronic information technology strives to complete the construction of all new material projects in Nanzhuang within five years. The technology industry is developing rapidly, the industrial scale is leading in the city, and has jumped to the first place in Nanhu

the core manufacturing industry of digital economy has become an important pillar industry in Nanhu District. From January to August this year, 65 core manufacturing enterprises in the digital economy in Nanhu District achieved an industrial output value of 20.913 billion, an increase of 26.6% year-on-year, accounting for 28.0% of the industrial output value above the designated size in the whole region; The added value reached 3.35 billion, a year-on-year increase of 25.2%, accounting for 26% of the industrial added value above the designated size. Among the 65 Enterprises above Designated Size, it is expected that the number of enterprises with annual output value exceeding 100 million will reach 25

nowadays, in Nanhu District, a number of intelligent terminal and integrated circuit enterprises such as Wentai communication, star semiconductor, Bochuang technology, Yuneng technology, core technology, etc. maintain a rapid pace of development. As a leading enterprise in the region, Wentai communication achieved an output value of 14.154 billion from January to August this year, with a year-on-year increase of 55.6%. It has become a booster for the development of the intelligent hardware industry in the region. As the largest ODM company in the country, it has been listed in the top 100 enterprises in the information industry of China power for five consecutive years. The company plans to launch 3D sprint 2.5 subsidiary this week

in addition, Xinli optoelectronics, elister, zhirou technology and other intelligent hardware enterprises with LCD modules, intelligent equipment, life health and other intelligent hardware enterprises also stand out. Nanhu District also focuses on the layout of future industries, relying on Zhejiang future technology research institute and Zhejiang Tsinghua Institute of flexible electronic technology to build a flexible electronic industry chain. The future industry (flexible electronics) is listed as a pilot demonstration in the key areas of industry and informatization in Zhejiang Province in 2019

at the beginning of this year, the Zhongjing silicon wafer project with a total investment of 11billion was started, which will inject a strong impetus into the development of digital economy in Nanhu District. Since its commencement, the construction of the project has progressed smoothly. It is expected that the single building will be completed by the end of this year and trial production will be carried out by the end of next year. Relying on the scientific research and innovation advantages of Jiaxing Science and Technology City, Nanhu District has signed a contract this year to introduce gallium arsenide integrated circuit R & D and industrialization projects, police UAV and intelligent system integration projects, and a large number of projects involving new generation information technology, intelligent equipment manufacturing, and keta spirekt (10) with a tensile elongation at break of about 50% link platform, so as to further expand the scale of digital economy

while promoting digital industrialization, Nanhu District vigorously promotes industrial digitalization, focusing on traditional advantageous fields such as chemical industry, chemical fiber, special steel, packaging, etc., and organizes and implements a series of actions such as "robot +" "Internet + +" and "green +" to speed up the renewal and transformation of intelligent equipment. At the same time, in terms of platform construction, technology application, intelligent manufacturing, enterprise cloud, etc., we have continued to explore the new mode of "integration of industrialization and industrialization" in Nanhu, and achieved remarkable results. In 2018, the development index of "integration of industrialization and industrialization" ranked 26th in the Province

Nanhu District will actively seize the commanding height of the development of digital economy. At present, the development plan of integrated circuit industry in Nanhu District of Jiaxing City (year) has been formulated, and the supporting policies for digital economy industry have been issued. At the same time, plans are being prepared to accelerate the high-quality development of manufacturing industry with digital economy as the core

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