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China's water purification market has always been regarded as one of the most potential markets. Although the statistical data of various ways are different, they generally reflect the large-scale development of the water purification market. The market survey and analysis report of water purifier and water purifier industry shows that the water purifier market has developed for decades, and the future development space is huge. Whoever can take the lead in understanding the pattern is qualified to win the world

analysis of competition pattern in water purifier industry

from the current situation, water purifiers in the primary market are mainly high-end, and the competition is relatively fierce; The secondary and tertiary market is the current profit market, while the rural market is the universal market. The water purifier industry is growing rapidly. Although the domestic water purifier market penetration is not very high, the water purifier industry has a promising future

the water purification industry presents six characteristics

first, the water purifier market is developing steadily, and the high-end trend is obvious.

with the improvement of consumption level, the water purifier market is becoming more and more high-end

second, the popularization of reverse osmosis technology, green manufacturing technology is the trend of future development

at present, the water purifier market is mainly divided into reverse osmosis technology, ultrafiltration, activated carbon, nanofiltration, etc. affected by the national "863" plan, reverse osmosis technology has gradually become the mainstream of the market. While popularizing reverse osmosis technology, water purifiers are also developing towards green manufacturing technology. At present, green manufacturing technology has been included in the national science and technology "12th Five Year" special plan. Its goal is to minimize the negative impact on the environment, maximize the utilization of resources, and coordinate and optimize the economic and social benefits of enterprises in the whole life cycle of products from design, manufacturing, packaging, transportation, use to scrap disposal

third, the product function is developing in the direction of large flux, long life, high water saving and intelligence

low flux water purifier products are prone to problems such as low effluent flow, large proportion of wastewater, poor filtration effect and so on. Therefore, high-quality products with high flux, convenience and speed, and clean water quality can better meet the needs of users. In addition, intellectualization has become one of the breakthroughs in the water purifier industry. The whole household appliance industry is advocating intellectualization, and water purifiers are no exception. The intellectualization of water purifiers is mainly reflected in reminding consumers to replace filter elements, collecting water quality data, and connecting daily services

fourth, the channels are sinking, and the water purifiers are gradually recognized in the urban and rural markets below the third line

the rapid development of China's economy has affected the natural environment to a certain extent, among which the water pollution is the most serious, and the rising number of cancer villages is the best example. The permanent population of cities and towns below the third level exceeds 50% of China's total population. The water treatment conditions in these areas are poor, and consumers pay more and more attention to drinking water. Water purifiers will become essential electrical products for healthy life in the future

it is predicted that there are about 400 million households in China. If a quarter of households install water purifiers, the demand for water purifiers will be 100million units. If calculated at 2000 yuan per unit, the market scale of domestic water purifiers will reach 200billion yuan. And the rural market is expected to gain higher recognition

v. cross border integration of the water purification market

from the perspective of the midstream dealer group, it is also facing competition and crisis. Based on the convenience of Internet information, it is possible to disintermediate. The e-commerce retail model is sweeping forward, impacting the offline real business economy. Under the circumstances of high rent, high operating costs and high risks of gaomen stores, offline product sales are forced, and new innovative operation methods need to be found, Or use a new model to share risks and create more profit points. The only way out is to integrate resources across borders, create an advantageous platform and buy all in one stop

VI. the government accelerates industrial purification

although the use of water purification products is increasing, its popularity is still at a low level. The industry is still in the development stage, and there are still problems to be solved, such as technology, services and standards

with the improvement of water purifier industry standards and systems, some unlicensed and unlicensed water purifier brands will have no foothold. The benign development of water purification market calls for the supervision of relevant national departments to be more "in place", so that unlicensed and unlicensed water purifier brands have no foothold; It also requires enterprises to master core technologies, carry out research and development according to market demand, develop towards more environmental protection, intelligence, long life and high cost performance, and provide better products and services





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