Brand introduction of PVC pipes and fittings

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PVC pipes are mainly composed of PVC, and other ingredients are added to enhance its heat resistance, toughness, ductility, etc. The top layer of this facial mask is paint, the main component in the middle is PVC, and the bottom layer is back coated with adhesive

pvc pipes are widely used in decoration. In the production of PVC pipes and fittings, in order to improve the lubricity of the contact surface between materials and equipment and between materials, make PVC easy to process, improve the processing speed and the surface finish of products, 1 ~ 5 parts of lubricant are usually added when batching. In actual production, it is found that lubricants play a vital role in the plasticization of materials and even the hydraulic resistance of pipe fittings. How much do you know about the brand of PVC pipes and fittings? This article will introduce you the brands of PVC pipes and fittings

pvc pipe introduction

pvc pipe is mainly made of PVC. It is a material for the production of water supply pipes and an important part of water supply pipes in our country. The properties of PVC pipes are mostly the same, but if different modifiers are added, the properties of these pipes can be increased. First, if high impact modifiers are added to PVC pipes, the properties of PVC pipes will be changed to be more resistant to water pressure and more in line with the water supply of many environments

advantages of PVC pipes

1 It has good tensile and compressive strength, but its flexibility is not as good as other plastic pipes

2. Small fluid resistance: the pipe wall of PVC pipe is very smooth, and its resistance to fluid is very small. Its roughness coefficient is only 0.009. Its water conveyance capacity can be increased by 20% compared with cast iron pipe of the same diameter, and 40% compared with concrete pipe

3. Excellent corrosion resistance and drug resistance: PVC pipes have excellent acid, alkali and corrosion resistance, and are not affected by moisture and soil pH. no anti-corrosion treatment is required during pipeline laying

4. Good water tightness: the installation of PVC pipes has good water tightness whether they are connected by bonding or rubber rings

5. Anti biting: PVC pipe is not a nutrient source, so it will not be eroded by rodents. According to the test conducted by the National Health Foundation in Michigan, rats will not bite PVC pipes

pvc pipe fittings brand

the emergence of PVC pipe can be said to be the first plastic material to be developed and applied after the emergence of plastic. With its high corrosion resistance, easy bonding and low price, it is very popular with builders. In China, a country dominated by real estate economy, building materials will be a popular industry. After the emergence of PVC pipes, its market demand has never stopped and continues to expand. The huge market demand has made PVC pipes a favorite product of manufacturers and created many well-known brands

I: Jinde pipe industry, established in 1999, is a large enterprise group mainly producing new chemical pipelines in China. In the past ten years of production and development, Jinde pipe industry has constantly innovated its own ideas, and with its high-end products, mid-range price market positioning and thoughtful service level. At present, it has developed its branches to more than 300, and its products are exported to Europe and the United States, with strong strength

II: Liansu

Liansu pipe industry, also known as China Liansu Group Holdings Co., Ltd., is a leading large building materials and home furnishing industry group in China. It can be said that its products and services cover the entire construction market. In particular, Liansu, which was common in 1986, has a long history of production. In the past three decades of development, Liansu has opened factories in many parts of the country and successfully listed, becoming a giant enterprise in China. Pipes have always been the focus of its production, so the PVC pipes produced by Liansu are trustworthy

III: Weixing

Weixing management industry, also known as Weixing group, was founded in Linhai City, Zhejiang Province in 1976, with a history of nearly 40 years. Such a long-standing enterprise, whose strength has been proved by years and tested by consumers, has now become a well-known trademark in China and one of the top 500 private enterprises in China. Pipe is also one of the earliest industries produced by Weixing, and it is still a famous brand in the industry. Weixing PVC pipes are trustworthy

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