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Home is a place where you can hold your heart. You can customize the look of your expectations in a simple way. Love your family as yourself, deep and simple

Italy is a paradise of intellectual civilization in everyone's impression. Compared with Germany's heavy and rigid, Spain's wild and uninhibited, Britain's neat and conservative, France's casual and frivolous, Italy is more creative, and it seems to always be in the forefront of fashion. Today, let's talk about the simple home life in Italian style, to jointly feel the Italian creativity of the coexistence of art and warmth

Italian simplicity ・ fashion nobility

Modern Italian home decoration originated in the 1960s. On the basis of modern characteristics, it is mainly simple, with neat lines and neat furniture. The overall design still inherits the Italian culture of the Renaissance, and is permeated with Italian rationality and humanistic care

however, there are great differences among different simple styles, some of which are mainly free and easy-going, and some are characterized by simplicity and versatility. Only Italian modern simplicity has its own aura like a masterpiece of elegant art, and its temperament and charm are as mellow as wine

Italian simplicity ・ natural and pure beauty

looking at today's market, simplicity is still the mainstream. Modern simplicity, Chinese simplicity, Italian simplicity... Their common features are neat lines, clear outlines, and minimalist color matching. Italian simplicity pays attention to the simplicity and accuracy of the overall space atmosphere, and is full of intelligent rationality, which is sublimated between simplicity and noble temperament in natural life

Italian design style, which pursues simplicity to the extreme, gives people a simple and tidy feeling, and reflects people's elegant thoughts and tastes. With simplicity, it reveals Italian elegance and tonality, and blooms the nature, simplicity and purity of life

Italian simplicity ・ ultimate elegance

simplicity, which is not simple stacking and plain placement, but simplifies the design elements, colors and details in decoration, pays attention to the texture of materials and the fashion sense of modeling, and creates a feature of visual simplicity and high texture. The charm of Italian simplicity presents an elegant and exquisite noble life, which makes people fascinated

the high-level simplicity is the extension of the design and ideas obtained after careful consideration and careful innovation. It expresses the pursuit of art and life in a simple way, introduces new interpretations of different cultural backgrounds and characteristics, and brings more depth and rich vision and exciting aesthetic details with a delicate Italian lifestyle

Italian simplicity ・ Jane Eyre life

since ancient times, Italian home has always been at the forefront of home fashion. It can not only play with classical and complex designs, but also become simple and modern fashion. From the classical magnificence of Baroque to today's popular Italian modern minimalist fashion, Italian home furnishings always reveal a persistent pursuit of high quality

it is this persistence and pursuit of high quality that makes Italian style the first choice for more elites and high-grade people in the environment of the continuous prevalence of simplicity. It not only has a unique design philosophy, but also has a complete set of design industrial chain, as if it is constructing a knowledge, a knowledge of how to make life more beautiful

any design style is expressing a love for life. Love is deep and shallow. If there is an emotional thinking of "shallow love is the end", then what I want to express here is a kind of love thinking of "deep love is simple"

home is a place where you can hold your heart. You can customize the look of your expectations in a simple way. Love your family as yourself, deep and simple

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