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In late autumn, the sky is high and blue, the sun is bright and warm, and nearly 20 Liugong b160cl bulldozers are working intensively on the once barren desert

the barren land will also provide inexhaustible development power for the extruder industry. The yellow sand land not only can not bring any economic benefits to the local people, but also the dust storm caused by it affects the production and life of the surrounding people. God may be fair. Because of its special landform, this vast desert contains incomparably rich solar energy resources. It is precisely because of this natural advantage of resources that the winter Macao tour of advanced Jinan test staff based on desert control and ecological protection is being planned, and the technical photovoltaic power generation demonstration base was born

Liugong bulldozer helps China's desert photovoltaic construction

extreme working conditions and powerful equipment. It is precisely because of Liugong bulldozer's good reputation in the industry and the full set of solutions provided by "Liugong customer value-added 4.0" for the project that Liugong bulldozer has successfully become a partner of the project

nearly 20 Liugong bulldozers purchased in this project are mainly responsible for sand pushing. After the completion of sand pushing, it is necessary to carry out solar base construction and supporting greening, and the sand pushing link is particularly critical. Just like the product interpretation of "pushing mountains and reclaiming the sea, one embraces unlimited", the excellent performance of Liugong bulldozer in sand pushing has been highly recognized by the project team. The project leader said that the work efficiency of Liugong 160cl bulldozer is very high, which meets all the needs of the whole sand pushing work. In addition, the complete set of solutions such as Liugong's supporting post service are very in place

Liugong's mission is to provide customers with excellent construction machinery products and services. Liugong bulldozer has won high appreciation from customers for its high construction efficiency, high reliability, high cost performance and high maintainability, which has also brought about a more lasting cooperative relationship between the two sides

a magnificent song of green as the soul and transformation and development is singing enthusiastically in the barren desert of the motherland. It is no longer a myth to turn sand into gold. The experimental data corresponding to any point on the curve can be found with the mouse; For tension equipment, we can also select stress-strain, force displacement, force time, displacement time and other curves according to stress for display and printing; It can also prepare and print reports according to the format required by users; The green industry of photovoltaic power generation will become bigger and bigger and become a beautiful scenic spot in China

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