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China's intelligent manufacturing urgently needs to break through the key common technology

intelligent manufacturing is a new trend in the development of the global manufacturing industry, and also the main direction of "made in China 2025". It represents the wide application of the deep integration and integrated innovation of the new generation of information technology and traditional manufacturing technology. It is an important intersection of digitalization, networking, intelligent iteration, transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry, and breeds a new round of technological and industrial revolution

the current situation of China's manufacturing industry is "large but not strong, lacking core and wisdom". Although remarkable progress has been made in high-speed rail, hydropower, roads and bridges, aerospace, supercomputing and other aspects, and remarkable achievements have been made, the industrial foundation is relatively weak, high-end equipment, key components and parts rely on imports, and the manufacturing quality and strength are far behind that of Germany. Compared with the United States, the development of information technology and industry lags far behind. In particular, there is a lack of independent core technology in the specific and wipe antirust oil manufacturing of integrated circuits, high-end software, intelligent sensors, etc. a large number of high-end chips, design software, key components and parts, etc. need to be imported, and are always controlled by others. In the manufacturing of high-end electronic equipment, the core ability of completely independent research, development and manufacturing is weak, Lack of key common technologies to guide and support the future development of Intelligent Manufacturing in China

in the development process of the deep integration of information technology and manufacturing technology, China's intelligent manufacturing technology should firmly grasp the "intelligent core" of high-end electronic equipment manufacturing, achieve breakthroughs in the independent innovation of key generic manufacturing technologies, and constantly strengthen the complementation of industrial manufacturing industry 2.0, the popularization of 3.0, and the promotion of 4.0

first, strengthen strategic layout and seize development opportunities. The connotation of intelligent manufacturing includes products, equipment, modes, systems, etc. its main driving force comes from the development of intelligent science and advanced manufacturing technology, such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, intelligent perception, human-computer interaction, as well as high-end electronic equipment manufacturing, extreme manufacturing, discrete manufacturing, flexible manufacturing, biological manufacturing, etc., covering design, simulation, simulation, analysis, production, control There are many links, such as a method of detecting or mold less blowing of tube blank to form tube film. At this stage, the manufacturing capacity of software and hardware such as chip manufacturing, operating system and industrial software in China is still weak. In addition to strengthening the independent research and development of "nuclear high-base", autonomous operating system, industrial software and big data, we should also continue to deepen the basic research of Intelligent Science such as cognitive science, neural computing, artificial intelligence and bionic manufacturing, so as to promote the deep integration and development of manufacturing technology and information technology in intelligent manufacturing

second, break through common technologies and lay a solid foundation for development. Manufacturing technology, represented by high-end electronic equipment, is an important prerequisite for supporting the development of intelligent manufacturing, such as communication and navigation, chip manufacturing, radar manufacturing, antenna manufacturing, flexible electronic manufacturing, automatic control, etc. there are some key common technologies that need to be broken through in manufacturing, such as integrated design of mechanical, electrical and magnetic, electrical interconnection, microelectronic streaming, micro assembly, high-density packaging, precision and ultra precision processing, conformal antenna Surface engineering technology directly restricts the improvement of manufacturing quality and level, and affects the independent development of intelligent manufacturing. Therefore, we should start from the specific reality of manufacturing, issue a national major research plan to solve common technologies, build a shared technology and industrial development platform, and solve the core problems of the key common technologies in the development of intelligent manufacturing

third, develop electronic equipment and highlight intelligent leadership. Information technology is the key to realize the transformation and upgrading of traditional manufacturing industry and move towards industry 3.0 and 4.0. It has strong permeability and radiation. The deep integration of informatization and industrialization is mainly reflected in the transformation and improvement of digital, networked and intelligent manufacturing of key industrial industries by information technology and industry, which takes high-end electronic equipment manufacturing as the carrier and makes the clinical utilization of brain computer interface technology a big step forward

made in China 2025 puts forward ten key development areas, and the new generation of information technology industry ranks first. It is also a strong driver for the intelligent development of the main manufacturing industries such as machinery, electricity, rail transit and aviation, such as composite materials, biomedicine. Efforts to develop independent high-end electronic equipment manufacturing have important strategic significance for accelerating the historical process of Intelligent Manufacturing in China

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