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Intelligent manufacturing will become the main trend of food packaging machinery industry

in order to adapt to the intensification of market competition, China's food machinery manufacturing industry is undergoing important changes in recent years, such as the mass production of plastic parts by enterprises, which greatly improves their design freedom and product aesthetics, and changes to flexible production according to market or customer requirements, and the independent design and control systems are changing to the integration of design and control systems, Production in a certain place is changing to global procurement and production, and the requirements of manufacturing plants for quality, cost, efficiency and safety are also constantly improving. It can be predicted that these changes will promote the development and application of automation technology into a new stage of development. Since the reform and opening up, China's economy has maintained a high-speed development for more than 30 years, which is closely related to the liberation of human resources and labor productivity. The demographic dividend has become an important source of China's economic growth miracle. However, with the transformation of China's population structure in recent years, as well as the emergence of labor shortage and recruitment difficulties in enterprises, the demographic dividend brought by low-cost labor is gradually disappearing. We need to timely and scientifically adjust human resources policies, explore new ways of human resources development, and provide a strong driving force for promoting sustained and stable economic growth. There has been much talk about the end of the demographic dividend since last year. In fact, for enterprises, the prominent feeling is the sharp increase in human costs. In addition, it is difficult to find high-level and sophisticated talents in line with the long-term development of enterprises. Turning to intelligent mechanical processing and manufacturing has become the first choice. Intelligent machining has obvious advantages in accuracy and output, and has natural advantages for equipment manufacturing equipment with personalized customization as the development direction. Of course, we also welcome high-tech talents to join us. After all, this is only 3 yuan, and the supporting models are insignificant, which is the core competitiveness of future enterprises. The emergence of intelligent manufacturing machinery technology and equipment, according to the calculation of China Construction Machinery Industry Association, has triggered public thinking about the advantages, disadvantages and future of traditional industrial production. With the popularization of intelligent manufacturing technology and the gradual recognition and utilization of intelligent equipment in social production, it has been widely recognized that intelligent mechanical equipment is superior to traditional industrial production and will inevitably replace a wide range of traditional industrial production in the future. Intelligent manufacturing machinery and equipment are popular. Food packaging machinery is becoming more and more automated. As the most competitive technology of automation technology, the application of robot technology in the packaging industry has developed at a rapid speed, increasing from 9.5% to 17.4% in the past five years, almost doubling. Robots appear in almost all fields of packaging functions, especially in the fields of palletizing, packing and picking/placing. China food machinery and equipment recently saw the FANUC robot displayed by Shanghai FANUC robot Co., Ltd. at the Shanghai ProPak packaging exhibition. The high-speed handling of the economical bottled beverage product line developed for the food packaging production line helps customers reduce costs. The fanucm-710ic/50h high-speed robot packing system can grasp the tempo up to 50 times/minute. Equipped with corresponding claws, it can correspond to a variety of products in the food industry, greatly reducing the labor intensity in the process of packing production and improving the stability of packing. With the continuous progress of intelligent manufacturing machinery technology, it gradually presents the characteristics of precision and self-discipline, man-machine integration, inductive recognition, super flexibility, such as the omnia 7 of metal, Swarovski Galaxy S5 and other powerful learning and self-maintenance capabilities. At present, professional and technical personnel are gradually trying to apply intelligent manufacturing machinery to real social production, and the role of replacing manpower in welding, palletizing, sorting, wharf and high-risk working environment is becoming increasingly apparent. Its characteristics of high accuracy, fast speed, long working hours, labor liberation and low-cost operation are increasingly welcomed by the manufacturing industry. The rise of high-end equipment strategy and smart manufacturing have become the mainstream. In the 12th Five year development plan for high-end equipment manufacturing industry issued by the Ministry of industry and information technology, it is proposed that by 2015, the sales output value of high-end equipment will account for more than 20% of the equipment manufacturing industry, and the annual sales output value is expected to reach 6 trillion yuan. Among them, intelligent manufacturing equipment is one of the key development directions during the 12th Five Year Plan period. According to the prediction of the National Information Center, as an important field of high-end equipment, intelligent manufacturing equipment will maintain a growth rate of 25% over the previous year during the 12th Five Year Plan period. The financial crisis since 2008 has not only brought great challenges to the global economy, but also brought opportunities. Some industrial developed countries have taken the fight for the commanding height of the economy as their strategic focus, the investment in scientific and technological innovation as an important strategic investment, and the development of strategic emerging industries with high technology as the main feature as a strategic breakthrough to drive economic and social development. Intelligent mechanism manufacturing technology has expedited and stimulated the development of strategic emerging industries to a certain extent; It will be the core to support the development of strategic emerging industries and enhance international competitiveness. During the 12th Five Year Plan period, the goal of the food machinery industry is to achieve intelligent and information-based control of key mainstream products, especially local and remote intelligent control. In recent years, with the fierce market competition and the development of information industrialization, intelligent manufacturing of food machinery has become a necessity to meet the needs of today's food industry. Intelligent manufacturing is developing well in the machinery industry, which also brings enlightenment to the food machinery industry: in order to remain invincible in the competition, enterprises must use advanced technology to enhance their own strength. Intelligent manufacturing has become the only direction of the current transformation of China's food machinery manufacturing industry. With the strong support of policies, the intelligent equipment industry will maintain rapid growth in the next few years, with broad prospects

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