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The real landing of intelligent manufacturing must be "the next line into the workshop"

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intelligent manufacturing should be considered from the application scenario and application value of the enterprise. It is hoped that experts will enter the enterprise more, otherwise, the possibility of landing in general is very small. At the cloud Forum on digital transformation of enterprises promoted by intelligent manufacturing platform held recently, Ming Zhanxi, chairman of Shenyang Zhongke Youming Robot Technology Co., Ltd., was outspoken in his speech. Zhongke Youming is an intelligent manufacturing enterprise for the Pan home industry. Ming Zhanxi said that the intelligent manufacturing of the home industry is to deliver services, because everything must be for the enterprise to survive

as we all know, digital transformation is the only way for industrial economy to move towards digital economy. It is an important historical process that takes data as the core driving factor and promotes the profound transformation of resource allocation mode and production organization mode, including business operation logic and value creation mechanism, through the application of new generation information technology. Wang Jianwei, deputy director of the information technology development department of the Ministry of industry and information technology, pointed out in his speech that promoting intelligent manufacturing is the main direction of enterprise digital transformation, and the main direction of the integration of industrialization and industrialization is also intelligent manufacturing. At this stage, it is the integration of manufacturing and interconnection, and the breakthrough is industrial interconnection. He stressed that the platform is the core of the security, network and platform, among which the intelligent manufacturing platform is the core of the industrial interconnection platform

Zhao Min, executive director of the Institute of intelligence, said in the special report "intelligent manufacturing and software definition manufacturing" that industrial automation software is the development direction of modern industry. It is intelligent manufacturing. What impact will static electricity bring to the electronic universal testing machine, and what is the maintenance work of the electronic universal testing machine? The core and key of. In the future world, ubiquitous software will become a new industrial element, and the defining role of industrial software will completely change the traditional manufacturing industry; Traditional industrial elements should be defined by industrial software to form a new paradigm of intelligent manufacturing. If you want to become an industrial power, you must first realize software definition manufacturing and become an industrial software power

Zhao Min believes that the core and key of intelligent manufacturing is industrial software in the industrial field. Without industrial software, there would be no intelligent manufacturing. Industrial software and intelligent manufacturing have the same significance. Industrial software is the top product of industrialization. Like a container, it contains human industrial knowledge, which has brought two great changes to the manufacturing industry: first, it has changed the traditional design, process, production and operation and maintenance methods. From the research and development project of copper alloy new materials with high thermal conductivity, Ma pin iterates and optimizes in cyberspace at any time, making the manufacturing process agile and accurate. Second, it shapes the five senses and brain of the product, and the behavior of the product in the physical space is automatically adjusted with the scene. Two great changes merged to form a new industrial intelligent mode software defined manufacturing, and thus created a new manufacturing paradigm: intelligent manufacturing

in Zhao Min's view, industrial software is a sharp weapon for R & D and production, a digital software for R & D and management + a digital software for the product itself. Among them, the R & D and management digital software defines the structure and appearance of the product, and defines the working state of the product, including visible information that is difficult to capture and record (equipment working state, etc.), such as recording all the actions, habits and routes of the driver when the car is driving, and the working process of the aircraft engine

the digital software of the product itself shows that it is an ubiquitous embedded system. Today, embedded systems have entered thousands of products around us, and intelligent products also need more and more embedded systems and embedded industrial software

indeed, taking cars as an example, the number of automotive on-board software today is very huge. At present, each vehicle has 100million lines of software code, and in the future, each vehicle will have 200million to 300million lines of software code, while the level5 level autonomous vehicle will have 1billion lines of software code

Zhao Min believes that industrial software is actually industrial software equipment. He explained that software defines the essence and connotation of manufacturing, which is to apply industrial software widely and deeply, accurately define and control the shape and state of products in cyberspace in the process of R & D, control and optimize the production process of products in the process of manufacturing, improve and innovate the raw materials of products in terms of manufacturing resources, and accurately control the shape and state of products in terms of manufacturing results, Ensure the overall delivery quality of products, and be able to control and configure various production factors in a wide range

in the future, networks are everywhere, software is everywhere, data is everywhere, and knowledge is everywhere. The ubiquitous software will become a new industrial factor, which will completely change the traditional manufacturing industry. Zhao Min said

although industrial software and intelligent manufacturing are so important, what are enterprises more concerned about? Zhangyungui, director of the R & D center of metallurgical automation research and Design Institute, who is on a business trip at Benxi Iron and steel, said that how to make the enterprise benefit better through intelligent manufacturing is a more concerned issue for the old northeast industrial base with heavy historical burden. Therefore, experts and scholars must face a problem, that is, how intelligent manufacturing can create value for enterprises, which is the ultimate goal of intelligent manufacturing under the goal of 46 year old Bai, who has come to Shen for many years. Obviously, this view coincides with the view of Ming Zhanxi, chairman of Zhongke Youming

in the development of industrial interconnection and intelligent manufacturing, for domestic scientific research institutions and enterprises, the future market prospect is worth looking forward to. It is understood that ERP applied by Chinese enterprises is mainly sap and Siemens' products. With some industries emphasizing autonomy and controllability, it is becoming a new trend to replace foreign products with domestic products, and in this process, Chinese enterprises will naturally have great prospects

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