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Langfang City, Hebei Province: intelligent manufacturing becomes a new engine for industrial revitalization

recently, vicino (Gu'an) 6th generation fully flexible AMOLED production line, located in Langfang City, Hebei Province, officially started operation, which is China's first AMOLED panel production line supporting fully flexible display technology. It is reported that relying on the high intelligent and forward-looking design of the production line by vicino, the project can produce not only curved screens and full-scale screens, but also folding displays and full flexible displays, which can meet the production demand of 90million smart screens in the whole year after reaching the production capacity. More importantly, the project has completely independent intellectual property rights, and its technical performance ranks in the forefront of the world. It has become an epitome of Langfang's efforts to build a high-end manufacturing industry cluster with international influence and achieve high-quality economic development

in recent years, Langfang has focused on "big intelligence moving to the cloud" as the first industry. Strategic emerging industries represented by big data, intelligent manufacturing, mobile Internet and cloud computing have become a new engine to promote the city's economic transformation and development. Langfang big data industry started early and developed rapidly. Relying on big data, new generation electronic information manufacturing industry, new material industry, high-end equipment manufacturing industry and other high-tech industries have developed rapidly. According to statistics, in 2017, the added value of high-tech industries in industries above Designated Size in the city was 21.53 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 9.9%, 7.3 percentage points higher than the growth rate of industries above Designated Size, accounting for 26.21% of industries above designated size

Langfang is located between Beijing and Tianjin, with obvious regional advantages. Taking advantage of the coordinated development of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, Langfang has continuously optimized its business environment, and a large number of sophisticated and intelligent high-tech enterprises have successively settled in Langfang. In the first phase of Kangde composite Langfang base, which has just been put into use, it is difficult to see skilled workers in the spacious production workshop. The highly integrated industrial 4.0 intelligent production line of carbon fiber composite components can produce a carbon fiber auto parts in less than 3 minutes, and the product quality is more stable, with an annual output of 1.5 million pieces. The second phase construction is being carried out smoothly. Intelligent manufacturing leading enterprises similar to Kangde composite materials are gradually becoming bigger and stronger in Langfang

in midsummer, come to the Beijing Tianjin Hebei (Langfang) East Light Company in the Longhe high tech Zone of anci. 3. The scientific and technological innovation investment of steel plate tensile test solution reaches 240million yuan every year. You can see the beautiful garden environment and the concept of innovative development. China Hongtai modern industrial design exhibition center, the first in China to integrate the concept of "smart Museum 4.0", and the national maker space No. 9 are all located here, where innovative platforms such as the coffee shop for testing various hard materials are located. All kinds of high-tech enterprises are full of intelligent manufacturing atmosphere. As the cradle of Longhe high tech Zone to cultivate and develop high-tech industries, the innovation and entrepreneurship base has successfully incubated more than 140 high-tech enterprises such as qinzong Electromechanical, Yichuang technology, yatiandun, mocote, etc

after careful layout, Langfang has formed three high-tech industrial parks in the north, central and south. Relying on Yanjiao high tech Zone, Dachang high tech Zone and Xianghe Development Zone, the North forms an industrial agglomeration belt close to Beijing and Tianjin with coordinated development; The central part relies on Langfang Development Zone, Gu'an high tech Zone and Longhe, but this strategy will not be a one-off High-tech Zone, Langfang high tech Zone and Yizhuang Yongqing high tech Zone, forming an intelligent industry agglomeration belt around the urban area and high-end development; The South relies on Bazhou Development Zone, Wen'an Development Zone and Dacheng development zone. The city has accelerated the application of industrial robots and the transformation of digital workshops, and promoted traditional advantageous industries to move towards the middle and high end

since 2016, Langfang has also adhered to the construction of "digital workshops" and "intelligent factories", vigorously expanded the application field of robot industrialization, vigorously improved the level of enterprise intelligent manufacturing, and supported more than 30 enterprises to implement the intelligent transformation of "machine replacement". According to the relevant staff of Langfang Bureau of industry and information technology, in view of the low informatization level of traditional small and medium-sized enterprises and the urgent need for intelligent transformation, Langfang has explored and established an enterprise cloud service platform, which adopts a new enterprise related service mode of "platform + data + application + service" to provide one-stop information-based comprehensive services for enterprises. The cloud platform provides nearly 100 kinds of software products and services for small and medium-sized enterprises in the whole life cycle of enterprise management, production and manufacturing, and offline professional teams are equipped to develop integrated solutions for intelligent manufacturing and enterprise informatization. At present, the enterprise cloud service platform has 2305 registered users

at the same time, among the enterprises above the scale of Intelligent Manufacturing in the city, the application rate of CAD (Computer Aided Design) in product design is close to 80%, the application rate of digital control technology and intelligent equipment reaches 60%, and the "machine replacement project" has achieved initial results

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