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Intelligent manufacturing is coming, and traditional food machinery and equipment are no longer viable

two days ago, the author participated in an exhibition of food processing and packaging machinery. The exhibition was full of all kinds of high-tech equipment, and almost all of them were "intelligent" and "fully automatic" according to the product name. When asking about the advantages of relevant equipment, they often start with the worry saving and efficient reduction of labor costs. Then think of the fact that there are already food operators in China who need to carefully dust and clean the equipment. Enterprises have realized the "unmanned factory" by introducing relevant intelligent equipment. The wind of Intelligent Manufacturing in China's food related industry, micro particles have the ability to penetrate the potential barrier, which is called the quantum tunneling effect industry, showing a growing trend. On the one hand, there are intelligent food machinery and equipment operated by fewer people, and on the other hand, there are food machinery and equipment requiring a large number of manual operations. What choice will food enterprises make? The author believes that this choice is closely related to the following three aspects

regional differences

in China's vast territory, regionality is a word that has to be said. Of course, in some coastal areas of China, a number of large and medium-sized food enterprises have developed, and their production capacity and financial strength are extremely strong, which makes them use intelligent food machinery and equipment to assist production earlier. For example, Wahaha, as an old brand food enterprise in Zhejiang Province, has extended its tentacles to intelligent equipment in the development process and established an intelligent production pilot in the food and beverage industry

however, in some poverty-stricken areas, food enterprises are mostly built to help the poor. In addition to purchasing necessary food machinery and equipment, other links are mostly produced manually, which not only solves the production problems for enterprises, but also opens up the means of getting rich for local people. In this case, such food enterprises mostly introduce traditional food processing equipment

equipment price

nowadays, intelligent equipment is becoming more and more popular, but compared with traditional food machinery and equipment, the price of this kind of intelligent equipment is generally high because of the greater R & D force invested. At present, China's labor structure is upgrading, and many food enterprises find it difficult to recruit ordinary workers, especially in some jobs with high labor intensity, but few people come to increase wages. But even so, replacing a full set of smart devices still makes most food enterprises feel difficult, and it will take years to recover the cost

for some small and medium-sized projects designed by Donghua technology enterprises, it is not realistic to invest a large amount of money at one time to completely replace the equipment. Considering the problems of enterprise capital turnover and rational use of equipment, most food enterprises will choose to gradually replace intelligent food machinery and equipment, so traditional food machinery and equipment will exist for a long time

it is difficult to recruit talents

compared with intelligent devices, traditional food machinery and equipment have existed in China for a longer time, there are more relevant operators, and the employed people do not need to have much equipment knowledge. Although at present, most intelligent devices are able to detect faults by themselves, there is no doubt that the operation and maintenance of devices require higher talents. At present, such operation and maintenance talents in China are in short supply, and they often need higher salaries to attract these people

with the slogan of intelligence becoming louder and louder, the Ministry of education has issued the "artificial intelligence innovation plan of colleges and universities", which puts forward the goal of "improving the talent training system in the field of artificial intelligence", and major colleges and universities have also begun to set up corresponding courses in artificial intelligence. It is believed that in the next few years, the shortage of such talents will be improved

to sum up, intelligent manufacturing has become the general trend of manufacturing development. Intelligent food production equipment has unparalleled advantages in liberating labor and improving production efficiency. From the general trend of historical development, it is inevitable to replace traditional food machinery and equipment. However, in this replacement process, traditional food machinery and equipment still have strong advantages in poverty alleviation and price. Therefore, the author believes that it is inevitable that intelligent food machinery and equipment will replace traditional machinery and equipment, but this process will be carried out slowly and gradually. Food machinery and equipment enterprises should not only be relieved, but also maintain a certain vigilance, and strive to upgrade and transform the equipment, which is suitable for providing a more scientific and comprehensive guarantee for the safety of food contact materials and products to meet the development of the times

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