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Intelligent manufacturing leads the new fashion of industry -- a survey of 73 municipal digital workshops (Intelligent factories)

automation and intelligent transformation have significantly improved the production efficiency of enterprises. (Photo by Yin Cong)

73 municipal digital workshops (smart factories) included in the statistics completed a total industrial output value of 84.698 billion yuan in the first half of the year, with a year-on-year increase of 1.8%, 8.7 percentage points higher than the average growth rate of above designated industries

the production efficiency of 5440 completed intelligent manufacturing projects has been increased by 63.7% on average, and the operating cost of enterprises has been reduced by 21.7% on average

from the automation of the production line to the digitalization of the workshop, from the digitalization of the workshop to the intelligent factory, from the digitalization of production and manufacturing to the digitalization and intellectualization of all links such as design and research, logistics and storage, marketing management, etc. the beating data highlights the new changes brought by intelligent manufacturing to Ningbo industry

industrial enterprises usher in the tide of intelligence

in Longshan, Cixi, aluminum non stick pot is one of the local characteristic industries. More than 10 aluminum nonstick pots production enterprises have an annual output of more than 100million, with an average of 270000 aluminum nonstick pots coming offline in Cixi every day. Their products are exported to Europe, America, Africa and other places. The export volume of Ningbo aluminum nonstick pot manufacturing enterprises, mainly in Cixi Longshan, ranks first in the country. In addition, it accounts for more than 50% of the national export volume

however, due to the relatively poor working environment of front-line employees, the difficulty of recruitment once became the most headache for local enterprises. Now we don't worry about orders. The whole factory has 1200 employees and will produce 100000 pots a day. But now young people are unwilling to work in the workshop, and the inability to recruit people has become one of the bottlenecks to curb the rapid development of enterprises. The relevant person in charge of Ningbo xiermei kitchen supplies Co., Ltd. told that the production of aluminum nonstick pots is a traditional labor-intensive industry. With the continuous improvement of customer quality requirements and the continuous rise of human costs, enterprise automation and intelligent transformation are inevitable

aware of the pain points of the industry development, shermet began to plan automation and intelligent transformation, and has successively put into use 13 automatic production lines. Today, the six processes of grinding, polishing, stretching, underbody, mouth and leveling in the production of aluminum non stick pots have been automated, and the number of employees in each line has been reduced from 48 to 12, and the production environment of the workshop has also been improved. After the implementation of automation and intelligent transformation, the employment of enterprises has been reduced, the product qualification rate has been improved, and the output value has also increased significantly with the improvement of production efficiency. The person in charge said

not only the aluminum non stick pot industry, with the continuous promotion of automation and intelligent transformation in Ningbo, intelligent manufacturing has been carried out in all industries. In the auto parts industry, Ningbo Cixi Longhua Auto Parts Co., Ltd., which has invested more than 10 million yuan in the intelligent transformation of the workshop, and invested more than 8 million yuan. The net profit of some manufacturers has soared from 8% to more than 30%. It has digitally upgraded the processing center. The results are immediate: the number of operators on the production line has been reduced from 150 to 17, but the output value has doubled. It is estimated that the enterprise can save 7million yuan a year only by replacing people with machines

in the stationery industry, the application of a large number of robots and flexible conveyor lines enables Deli stationery to realize the co production of multiple product numbers, avoiding the problems of short service cycle of special machines and long investment payback period. Compared with the traditional injection molding processing method, this production line has high flexibility and automation, reduces the number of operators by 50%, reduces the production cycle by 50%, and reduces the defect rate by 60%

in the alkaline battery industry, the original bright and noisy workshop of Zhongyin battery now only has sporadic shimmer of the equipment itself, and with a slight sound, alkaline batteries fish out one after another. There are no workers here. Generally, the lights are not turned on, but each production line can produce 500 alkaline batteries per minute, and the production speed is 25% higher than the original

data shows that up to now, 7993 Industrial Enterprises above Designated Size in our city have implemented 8815 automation and intelligent transformation projects, gradually realizing the full coverage of Enterprises above designated size. More and more regulated enterprises have also realized the importance of automation and intelligent transformation, and began to join the reform army of intelligent manufacturing

intelligent manufacturing from point to area

when you are still amazed at the great changes brought about by automation and intelligent transformation, with the help of 5g, industrial interconnection and other new generation information technology, intelligent manufacturing has gradually developed from the digitalization of production and manufacturing to the digitalization and intelligence of all links such as design and research, logistics and storage, marketing management and so on

in Beilun, an intelligent manufacturing storm triggered by industrial interconnection is sweeping traditional mold manufacturing enterprises. Through a tablet computer, a set of neural MOS industrial operating system and a central control screen, enterprise managers can track the production progress and abnormal production in real time and clarify the production and production progress. Although our transformation is less than two months old and is still in the running in stage, the production efficiency of the enterprise has been increased by at least 10%. Zhou Jinrong, vice president of technology of Ningbo Zhenzhi Mold Co., Ltd., said frankly

in Ningbo Hengqi precision mould Co., Ltd., industrial interconnection makes the production and management of the enterprise to the extreme. Through the digital system, Hengqi not only realizes the transparent, orderly and digital management of the production process, but also realizes the data sharing with the upstream and downstream of the supply chain. Suppliers can share the enterprise production scheduling information, and customers can view the production process at any time, connecting the ecosystem of upstream and downstream enterprises. According to wohaijie, general manager of the company, within half a year after the system was launched, the number of production molds of the enterprise has soared from 320 to 618. With the number of employees and equipment basically unchanged, the company delivered up to 1200 sets of molds last year, completely completing the leap in production capacity

with the acceleration of 5g, the mode of 5g+ industrial interconnection is showing infinite explosive power. At icodi, 5g+ industrial interconnection has been able to interact and control directly with 87 workshops and 2300 devices in the front-end 7 factories at the same time. Through 5g signals, it can be accurately controlled in the cloud to meet the needs of personalized application scenarios in different workshops. In the past, the workload of one hour of labor can be completed in about 15 minutes in this smart factory

and this is only the beginning. In Yinzhou, 5g+ industrial interconnection will open a new mode of Youngor intelligent manufacturing. After the Yunnan Ruili factory is put into operation next year, the three production bases of the enterprise will be demonstrable, predictable and adaptive, and the production efficiency will be increased by at least 25%; In Beilun, Haitian has completed the signing of 5g project in June this year, and strives to create 5g external technology exchange for 10 times in October this year +ar online virtual factory, product quality inspection and other scenes to achieve AI intelligent early warning and maintenance. So far, 68 projects in Ningbo have entered the annual pilot project plan library, opening the new mode of 5g+ industrial interconnection, and intelligent manufacturing will usher in a new development

intelligent manufacturing is at the right time

with the accelerated integration of a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial reform, it can be said that it is at the right time to implement automation and intelligent transformation. Zhou Fangjie, assistant to the general manager of Ningbo Haitian Intelligent Manufacturing Technology Co., Ltd., said frankly that not only is 5g+ industrial interconnection becoming more and more mature, but with the obvious improvement of the storage space of machine tools, the types of software that can be loaded on machine tools have become more diverse. Rich software can not only control machine tools to complete more complex instructions and achieve more complex operations, but also enable enterprises to achieve more refined management

at the same time, the falling price of domestic software and hardware (Automation and intelligent equipment) has also paved the way for enterprises to realize intelligent manufacturing. Li hongsong, director of the intelligence and information center of Ningbo bode High Tech Co., Ltd., told that compared with 10 years ago, the functions of industrial robots on the market are more perfect, and their prices have also decreased by about one third. Take the six axis robot as an example, the price of bare metal machine is only half of the original

with the deepening of automation and intelligent transformation, domestic engineering service companies have gradually accumulated rich experience through continuous practice. Nowadays, there are more and more engineering service companies that can not only develop industrial software and interconnected application systems, but also be familiar with the production process, technical equipment research and development, manufacturing and integration of sub industries

in March this year, Ningbo launched a new round of three-year intelligent transformation based on the three-year transformation in 2017. According to the plan, the city will organize and carry out a series of activities to connect hundreds of enterprises with digital empowerment, strengthen the driving role of platform services and benchmarking, promote the optimization and upgrading of traditional advantageous industries such as molds, household appliances, bearings, auto parts, create a number of intelligent manufacturing demonstration benchmarks, and form a number of new models of intelligent manufacturing applications that can be promoted

opportunities are always in the polishing process. It depends on whether we are good at judging, whether we can seize and make use of them. If you react quickly, you will be able to grasp the opportunity and take the lead step by step; If you are slow, you will miss the opportunity and fall behind step by step. The relevant person in charge of the Municipal Bureau of economy and information technology said that it is the most appropriate time for enterprises to seize the opportunity of change and implement automation and intelligent transformation

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