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Western China "intelligent manufacturing" and Germany "industry 4.0" Cooperation Exploration

Western China "intelligent manufacturing" and Germany "industry 4.0" Cooperation Exploration

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"2016 Intelligent Manufacturing - industry 4.0 Sino German forum" was held in Chengdu recently. With the theme of Intelligent Manufacturing: innovation, transformation and upgrading, the forum attracted more than 350 business leaders, University experts and scientific researchers from domestic and foreign intelligent manufacturing, automation, mechanical equipment, electrical appliances, information technology and other aspects

at the forum, the guests discussed the industrial opportunities and core technologies under the new situation of "intelligent manufacturing - industry 4.0", the integration of IOT and modern manufacturing under "Internet +", and the practical plan of "made in China 2025" Sichuan action

at the forum, Tongji University, Yibin City, Sichuan Province, and German enterprises such as Siemens, Carl Zeiss, Phoenix Contact reached a cooperation consensus in many aspects, such as carrying out intelligent manufacturing talent training, promoting the transformation of intelligent manufacturing R & D achievements, and actively building an enterprise exchange platform. They signed a strategic cooperation agreement to jointly build a long-term talent training and cooperation exchange platform in the field of intelligent manufacturing

according to the speakers, "intelligent manufacturing" in Western China and "industry 4.0" in Germany have made some useful explorations

Siemens Engineering 3. Zhigang, the chief technology official of Greater China of Yingping plant group industrial software company, shared the "industry 4.0" practice of Siemens Chengdu company. He said that Siemens has participated in the digital construction in Western China, including automobiles, parts, high-tech electronics, industrial equipment and other aspects. It uses digital neural networks to connect research and development and manufacturing, and finally realizes industrial cloud and intelligent manufacturing to move towards "industry 4.0"

"our Chengdu factory has set an example all over the world. The core product of this factory is also the cornerstone product of 'industry 4.0', that is, industrial computers. In the production process, we have done some simulations, including the comprehensive modeling of the whole factory, including organic people, manual stations, logistics cars, etc." Fang Zhigang said

According to panxiaoyong, general manager of the R & D center of Sichuan Changhong Intelligent Manufacturing Technology Co., Ltd., Sichuan Changhong has carried out a number of cooperation with Siemens in intelligent manufacturing, and is expected to build a digital virtual factory based on Personalized Customization in February next year

for the future cooperation between "intelligent manufacturing" in Western China and "industry 4.0 except materials" in Germany, the experts at the meeting agreed that there are both opportunities and challenges

Meier, a professor of the German Research Center of Tongji University, believes that in order to achieve common and coordinated development of the industries of China and Germany, what are the legal and political reasons for the pointer jitter of the metal impact testing machine? Coordinate

"transnational management and learning how to operate each other are often important for enterprises to cooperate in different cultural backgrounds and meet consumers' aesthetic needs for product appearance, which will also bring challenges to both sides." Mel said

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