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Intelligent manufacturing plays a leading role in the release of the ten-year blueprint of China's textile industry

on April 27, the conference of the results of the research project on the development strategy of Intelligent Manufacturing in China's textile industry was held in Beijing. Sun Jinliang, Yu Jianyong, Zhou Xiang, Jiang Shicheng, academicians of the Chinese Academy of engineering, Wang Yuanjing, deputy inspector of the Second Bureau of the Chinese Academy of engineering, and Cao Xuejun, deputy director of the consumer goods department of the Ministry of industry and information technology, attended the conference

it is understood that the project was established by the Chinese Academy of Engineering in 2016 and 10 The revolution setting system is launched and implemented. The project research report has 9 chapters, which comprehensively expounds the development strategy of Intelligent Manufacturing in China's textile industry, and is intended to plan the strategic layout of the development of Intelligent Manufacturing in China's textile industry in the next 5 to 10 years. Cao Xuejun said that intelligent manufacturing is an important starting point for the textile industry to achieve high-quality development. He hoped that the project research report could be better applied and play a guiding and leading role in the intelligent manufacturing of the textile industry

intelligent manufacturing leads the transformation of China's textile industry

under the new trend of the iterative evolution of the new generation of information technology and the change of the structure of production factors, China's textile industry urgently needs to accelerate the transformation and upgrading to the new format and mode of intelligent manufacturing, further create new advantages in international competition, and move towards the middle and high end of the global value chain of similar industries. Sun Jinliang said that on the basis of a large number of data research, enterprise research and high-end discussion, the Research Report of the project will play a supporting role in the lean manufacturing, efficient manufacturing, flexible manufacturing, service manufacturing and green manufacturing of China's textile industry

Yu Jianyong, on behalf of the project team, said that the transformation and upgrading of China's textile industry to intelligent manufacturing has started, and some progress has been made in the fields of common technology, intelligent manufacturing workshop demonstration, digital and intelligent textile equipment and technology, textile service manufacturing and network collaborative manufacturing, intelligent textile materials and so on. However, compared with the advanced level of foreign countries, China still has a series of problems, mainly manifested in the lack of interconnection of textile equipment and data, the insufficient capacity of textile manufacturing data collection, information fusion, intelligent execution and intelligent operation, the slow integration of textile manufacturing and the new generation of artificial intelligence, and the introduction of key components, basic components and electronic components of textile intelligent manufacturing. The main factors that restrict the development of Intelligent Manufacturing in the textile industry are the traditional industrial thinking of a large number of textile enterprises, the weak strength of Textile Scientific and technological talents and scientific and technological resources, the insufficient investment in research and development of textile intelligent manufacturing, the weak basic ability of software and hardware of textile intelligent manufacturing, and the insufficient cross domain cooperation

intelligent manufacturing is becoming more and more important for the textile industry. Yu Jianyong said that in the next five to ten years, the deepening of supply side structural reform and income growth, rising labor costs, sustainable urbanization, the implementation of high-end manufacturing strategy, sustainable ecological green development, and the development of interconnected economy will promote the textile industry to further improve market responsiveness and total factor productivity, provide more attractive employment, accelerate the move to the medium and high end, save energy and reduce emissions Accelerate the development of new models and intelligent textile products. In general, intelligent manufacturing will lead China's textile industry from labor-intensive, resource consuming to technology intensive, from manufacturing to creation, speed to quality, products to brand, and take the lead in moving towards high-end in domestic traditional industries. Accelerating the development of Intelligent Manufacturing in the textile industry will help China's textile industry firmly grasp the initiative in the new round of changes in world textile technology and industrial pattern

take digitalization, networking and intellectualization as the core to support decision-making and operation

as for how to promote intelligent manufacturing in the textile industry, Yu Jianyong said that enterprises should take digitalization, networking and intellectualization as the core, take problems as the guide, and take actual needs as the basis to promote intelligent manufacturing. They should do a good job in the basic skill of data, digitize all manufacturing elements, including materials and equipment, and also personalize them into numbers, Digitalize all kinds of human behaviors and realize data interconnection on this basis, so as to realize networking and intellectualization and support decision-making and operation. Accordingly, enterprises can adopt different strategies according to their different stages and step by step

at present, many people understand intelligent manufacturing as the application of automation or intelligent equipment, or from a technical point of view as industrial interconnection, artificial intelligence, etc. Yu Jianyong believes that this is a one-sided understanding of intelligent manufacturing. For intelligent manufacturing, we should firmly grasp the core of digitalization, networking and intellectualization, and pay attention to the comprehensive application of interconnection and IOT

with digitalization, networking and intelligence as the core, the project team proposed the basic paradigm of Intelligent Manufacturing in the field of textile industry, namely, the intelligent manufacturing system of textile industry based on HCPs (human information physical system) and the digital management and control system of textile industry based on industrial big data. These two paradigms not only integrate HCPs into the whole textile process to realize state perception, real-time analysis, scientific decision-making and accurate implementation, but also through the whole process interconnection, intelligent sensors collect various data to form industrial big data, and realize the big data application scenario of textile production through industrial software on the industrial big data platform

build an intelligent manufacturing system for the textile industry

the textile industry is in a new manufacturing era. According to the research results of the project team, in the next 5 to 10 years, China's textile industry will build an intelligent manufacturing system for the textile industry through the foundation and support technology of intelligent manufacturing, the new mode technology of Intelligent Manufacturing in the textile industry, the research and development and industrialized application of intelligent textile material technology, platform construction and talent team construction, so as to improve the intelligent manufacturing water of China's textile industry as a whole and push it into the next real clamping device level

under this system, the project team proposed eight directions of key development tasks in three major areas of Intelligent Manufacturing in the textile industry, as well as related overall development paths and development paths in all directions. The three major technical fields covering intelligent manufacturing in the textile industry are the new mode of Intelligent Manufacturing in the textile industry, intelligent textile equipment and common technologies and standards, and intelligent textile materials. The eight directions refer to textile intelligent manufacturing standards and common technologies, intelligent textile equipment technology, chemical fiber intelligent manufacturing workshops (factories), textile processing intelligent workshops (factories), dyeing and finishing intelligent workshops (factories), garment design and processing intelligence, textile service manufacturing and network collaborative manufacturing, and intelligent textile materials

according to the research results of the project, the key tasks in eight directions involve the specific details of the whole textile process: integrated standard architecture of textile intelligent manufacturing, integration and interconnection standards of textile intelligent equipment (various categories), general technical standards and reference models of textile intelligent manufacturing plants, common standards of textile big data services and industrial interconnection architecture, textile industry IOT platform, warehousing and logistics CPS (information physical system) technology of textile intelligent manufacturing, technical specifications and standards of textile intelligent manufacturing; Textile intelligent sensors and control units, intelligent detection and analysis devices, textile robots, complete sets of equipment in textile intelligent workshops (factories), and intelligent manufacturing of textile equipment; Intelligent equipment and system integration for chemical fiber production, digital and intelligent manufacturing execution control for chemical fiber, networking and intelligent management system for chemical fiber enterprises; Intelligent spinning workshop (factory), intelligent weaving workshop (factory), intelligent knitting workshop (factory), intelligent nonwoven workshop (factory); Fast detection method of printing and dyeing product performance, digital virtual model of textile printing and dyeing processing technology, accurate monitoring and control technology of printing and dyeing working fluid concentration, printing and dyeing equipment interface and protocol standards, automatic scheduling technology of production plan; Intelligent prediction of fashion trends of clothing products, clothing intelligence, so the same is "fire performance", which is very poor thermal insulation material design, intelligent clothing 3D printing technology, 1 Dispensing experimental device intelligent production and processing of ready-made clothes; Mass customization technology of textile and clothing, collaborative textile manufacturing technology, remote operation and maintenance of textile equipment and process optimization service technology; Intelligent temperature regulating textile materials, intelligent shape memory textile materials, intelligent color changing textile materials, electronic information intelligent textile materials

on this basis, the project team put forward six major special suggestions, including CPS based intelligent textile production technology, mass customization technology of new generation textile and clothing products, intelligent textile equipment and intelligent textile processing technology, green intelligent manufacturing ecosystem of clothing, flexible intelligent wearable textile technology, and intelligent manufacturing ecosystem support platform of textile industry

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