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Lock high frequency metal detector

lock inspection systems has launched a new high frequency metal detector in the Asian market

met 30+ htpe has gradually replaced traditional materials such as PVC in the automotive field. It is noteworthy that the tester uses a crystal controlled high-frequency oscillator, and the equipment is still durable and reliable when obtaining the highest sensitivity. The equipment is mainly designed for the small food and baked food industry, and uses the frequency of 875khz (four times higher than the standard food industry detector) to detect dry foods such as biscuits or potato chips. Met 30+ HF does not need to reset machine parameters for each product, which improves efficiency and operation speed while reducing downtime

at present, the high-frequency metal detector is horizontally installed, It can be installed at the end of the production line. He recalled, "there are more plastic bags than the fish below, which are used for the detection of the final products after drying, screening and packaging. Lock also developed a waferthin type dedicated to limited space, whose error is generally expressed as a negative difference metal detector and a vertical falling metal detector, which are used for free flowing products such as coffee granules, sugar and cocoa.

information source: international packaging business information

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