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Machine vision helps the construction of "smart Tianjin"

at present, the information technology revolution represented by computer technology, Internet technology and IOT technology is making information technology develop towards intelligence and integration. All kinds of information technology have been highly integrated with other industrial technologies. The arrival of the information and intelligence era has become an irresistible historical trend. In this context, smart city has received great attention from major cities all over the world in the second, rubber electronic universal experimental machine beam operation inspection. As a gateway to the north of China and an important city in the Bohai Rim region, how will Tianjin carry out the construction of a smart Tianjin city? Li Qingsheng, director of the science and Technology Management Office of Tianjin Public Security Bureau and chairman of Tianjin security association, interpreted the construction of smart city and urban public security technical defense system in Tianjin

smart city construction refers to building a smart environment for urban development, forming a social management model based on massive information and intelligent filtering processing, and building a new urban form for the future. With Infocomm 2 The development of ICT industry, the gradual maturity of RFID related technology, and the continuous improvement of telecommunications business and information infrastructure, especially with the introduction and development of IOT technology, have laid a solid foundation for the construction of a smart city with integrated information network, broadband, IOT and intelligence, and the smart city has also maximized the effectiveness of various resources, So as to improve the public service capacity and efficiency of the government

first, urban alarm and monitoring system is an important part of smart city construction

while modern urban development brings convenience to people's lives, it also faces many challenges such as public safety, urban management, environmental resources, etc. after the 9.11 incident in the United States, the challenge of public safety has become particularly severe. With the development of smart city construction, the status and role of technical prevention construction with alarm and monitoring system as the main content are more prominent in urban construction. In China, the construction of urban alarm and monitoring system is not only an important part of social security prevention and control network, but also the entry point and focus of promoting social management innovation with advanced scientific and technological means. It is also the premise and foundation for public security organs to realize police led policing and real-time, all-weather patrol control mode. Minister Meng Jianzhu clearly pointed out at the National Symposium on social management innovation of public security organs that video surveillance technology not only has important functions such as crime detection, crime prevention and deterrence, but also has expanded functions such as targeting, providing clues, fixing evidence and assisting interrogation. It has become a new growth point in the combat effectiveness of public security organs after the deployment of pre work technology, which should be followed by criminal investigation, technical investigation and investigation. In recent years, the construction of urban alarm and monitoring system has been carried out in various places, and has formed a certain scale. Through the organic combination of urban alarm and monitoring system with civil air defense and physical defense, an all-weather and all-round three-dimensional prevention and control system has been formed, which has significantly improved the ability of public security organs to control the dynamic social security situation

II. Construction of technical prevention network system in Tianjin

in order to comprehensively improve the ability to control the social security situation, our city has actively built a social security prevention and control system with police prevention, civil defense and technical prevention as the main contents. The technical defense, one of the three, is the urban alarm and monitoring network in Tianjin. It has been planned, designed and pilot constructed since 2004, and has been fully launched in 2005. It has formed a relatively complete framework system and construction, management and operation mode, and is widely used in public security prevention, crime fighting, urban management, safety production supervision and other fields

technical defense consists of one center (control center), two systems (including four subsystems: video monitoring, electronic bayonet, GPS alarm monitoring, and automatic alarm), multiple terminals, and monitoring points covering social aspects. The resource sharing, association and interaction between the technical defense systems have the technical functions of one-point login, full roaming of the video monitoring system and one-point control and full response of the electronic bayonet system, and have formed an advantageous network resource with radio and television networks as the backbone and the integration of telecommunications, Unicom and other networks. The "Tianjin technical prevention network system construction plan" successfully passed the expert demonstration organized by Tianjin Science and Technology Commission and the comprehensive management commission, and the project "research and demonstration project of key technologies of technical prevention of social security prevention and control system" won the second prize of Tianjin scientific and technological progress. At present, the city has built a technical defense control and operation center, with 169 monitoring terminals at the municipal, district and county levels and street and township levels; More than 16000 technical defense systems and more than 300000 video surveillance probes have been installed in the social sector; There are more than 4000 video surveillance probes for interconnection and resource sharing, and 120 front-end points of the electronic bayonet system. The emergency office of the municipal government, the municipal Safety Supervision Bureau, the municipal appearance Commission and other units have also successively installed video monitoring terminals, realizing the sharing of information resources across industries and departments, and playing an important role in urban public management. Since 2008, public security organs at all levels have directly used technical defense to crack 478 cases, arrested 510 illegal suspect, recovered 36 stolen motor vehicles, and prevented more than 10000 cases

III. deepen the management of technical defense construction and promote the construction of smart Tianjin

at present, Binhai New Area has been included in the national development strategy, which is driving Tianjin to become the third growth pole of China's economy in the future and to move towards an international metropolis. The construction of smart city has great and far-reaching significance for the development of Tianjin. As an important part of the construction of smart Tianjin, the construction of technical defense is not only an important part of improving the level of social security prevention and control, but also an important measure to deepen social management innovation and promote the sound and rapid development of economy and society. We must innovate ideas, do a good job and pay close attention to it

(I) adhere to the promotion according to law and further expand the coverage of technical prevention

in order to promote the construction of the city's technical prevention network system, the general office of the municipal government forwarded the "2011 and 2015 Tianjin technical prevention network system construction planning implementation plan", and the Municipal Public Security Bureau issued the "opinions on strengthening safety and technical prevention work". In the coming period, we will promote the construction of technical prevention system in key units, important parts and vulnerable areas in accordance with the regulations of Tianjin on the administration of safety and technical prevention, coordinate the technical prevention work in rural areas, and gradually realize the full coverage of urban and rural areas. During the 12th Five Year Plan period, the number of social video probes in the city will increase by 300000, reaching 600000 in total; 16000 video probes are newly built and 100000 are integrated, reaching 120000 in total; 300 new electronic bayonet front-end points, with a total of 400

(II) carry out technical research and maintain the leading level of technical defense technology

we actively strive for the support of the science and Information Bureau of the Ministry of public security and the Municipal Science and Technology Commission to carry out major scientific and technological projects around the needs of actual combat. The 3G network mobile video monitoring technology has been successfully integrated into the technical defense. The technical defense end users can realize the resource sharing and real-time regulation of wireless monitoring images, provide technical support for emergency command and scientific scheduling, and play a key role in the security and other major activities of the Tianjin Summer Davos forum. At present, we are closely following the development of IOT technology and embarking on the research and application of mobile object identification, trajectory analysis and scheduling management based on multi technology fusion (which has been included in the Tianjin Science and technology support plan)

the project integrates video monitoring, electronic bayonets, GPS positioning, RFID identification, GIS geographic information, information management, network transmission and other technologies to implement accurate identification, trajectory analysis and scheduling management of mobile objects, which is of great significance to improve the construction level of the city's social security prevention and control system. In the next step, we will also focus on the automatic recognition of human behavior characteristics, high-definition monitoring of invisible light sources, massive video information retrieval and other technologies to further enrich and improve the technical functions of technical defense

(III) advocate the concept of active policing and realize standardized and refined management

smart city construction should not only stay at the technical level, but also be reflected in the innovation of management concepts, so that management work can be synchronized with the development of science and technology, and promote the development and application of technology. First of all, we should change passive management into active management. At present, there are 16000 technical defense systems in use in Tianjin, and more than 300000 video surveillance front-end points. Some video monitoring systems have problems such as unreasonable design, low quality of image acquisition and storage equipment, heavy construction, light maintenance, heavy use, light management, etc., resulting in unclear video images, unable to save videos, poor playback quality, etc. In order to solve the above problems and ensure the effectiveness of the technical defense system in actual combat, we are organizing the supervision and inspection of the in-service technical defense system and technical inspection throughout the city after reporting to the municipal government for approval, and will form a long-term working mechanism

secondly, we should change extensive management into fine management. In order to meet the new requirements of the refinement of social management of public security organs, we have developed the Tianjin technical defense deployment information system, which can realize the functions of planning and querying the deployment of the technical defense system in the whole city, as well as the related application of technical defense resources. Public security organs at all levels can quickly query the geographical location and relevant construction information of the front-end points of the alarm and monitoring system on the geographic information map, and retrieve relevant monitoring images and video recordings, Realize early video police handling, upper tracking and upper control, and jointly build an all-weather, all-round and three-dimensional social security prevention and control system with 110 rapid disposal and various civil defense forces. In this way, we don't need to develop new products from scratch

once again, we need to change decentralized management into comprehensive overall management. We carry out the city's construction planning in a unified manner, carry out centralized supervision and inspection, unify technical specifications and standards, and actively implement project construction guidance. We are striving to achieve standardized management, standard construction, progress in implementation, and effective application of scientific and technological prevention work

(IV) support the development of the industry and encourage enterprises to participate in the construction of technical prevention

the security technology and prevention industry in Tianjin has developed rapidly, with nearly 400 employees, and a number of well-known enterprises such as Zhonghuan group, Samsung Electronics, Tiandi Weiye, Ya'an technology, and Tianxia digital. It has become an important security product production and integration base in northern China. In order to create a good business environment and give full play to the role of security enterprises in the construction of smart Tianjin Technology prevention network system, our city's technology prevention department is currently innovating and strengthening management services from the following aspects

first, strictly implement the production registration and approval management system to provide personalized services for enterprises. While implementing the production registration and approval management according to law, we will take the initiative to serve the different needs of enterprises, help enterprises optimize products, expand the market, and enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises

second, standardize the examination and approval of administrative licenses and further improve the service level. By simplifying the approval procedures, shortening the approval time limit, and publishing the administrative approval process and guidelines, the approval of the administrative license for the start-up audit and completion inspection of the technical prevention system has been further standardized

third, strengthen technical exchanges and cooperation and play a leading role. In recent years, we have cooperated with large enterprises, research institutions and colleges and universities at home and abroad to develop a number of scientific and technological projects and applied them to the construction of social security prevention and control system. In particular, leading enterprises in the industry have been invited to participate in the planning and design of major engineering projects and the formulation and revision of local technical standards, and have gained successful experience. In the next step, we should continue to expand, improve and achieve practical results

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