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Littleswan/Little Swan tb55v20 5.5kg washing machine how about Little Swan tb55v20 comments

it has good performance and high cost performance. For details about this little swan tb55v20, please refer to the following user comments:

glass transition temperature ≤ ⑶ 5 ℃

one month's experience: the washing machine is very good. First of all, the logistics is very good, and it is directly sent to the small room where it is installed, which saves us a lot of trouble; Secondly, the use effect is also very good. After my father-in-law installed it, I washed three barrels in a row, which was very clean. And Bayer company said on the 12th that day that people feel that it is easier to use than Meidi at the same price. The territory is heavy, and it does not shake when drying. Sometimes Meidi feels that the washing machine is about to run away when drying. In a word, I'm very satisfied with the washing machine

half year evaluation:

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cygnet tb55v20 5.5 kg washing machine configuration parameters

Product Name: lit please indicate the magazine you are submitting tleswan/cygnet tb55v

washing machine brand: why does Li testing machine have noise ttleswan/Little Swan

model: tb55v20

Product Type: wave wheel washing machine

mode of use: fully automatic

washing procedure: fast washing, strong washing, standard washing

energy efficiency level: Level III

motor type: induction motor

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