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next, we will announce Luliang ABB Robot Servo Motor Company! Can you imagine what it means to the production of sanitary ware enterprises when a wave of machine Luliang ABB Robot Servo Motor strikes? There is a picture and a truth! The person in charge of DORST in Germany, who specializes in traditional grouting and high-pressure grouting and produces high-pressure grouting forming equipment, once explained that using high-pressure grouting equipment, the profit of an enterprise can be increased by 10%, and the quality of products will be correspondingly strengthened. Using high-pressure grouting, enterprises can work 24 hours a day, because the mold does not need to be dry and can be produced continuously. Using gypsum abrasives, enterprises need to clean Abrasives at least twice a day, but using high-pressure grouting equipment, enterprises can achieve 24-hour production

similarly, too little function will also lead to low power of the enterprise. Therefore, industrial robots should be selected correctly according to the implementation status. First, because of the selection and rationality of the servo motor of Luliang ABB Robot, the repair and maintenance of the robot is not so expensive. The regular maintenance cycle of the robot is very important for the regular maintenance of the robot and the extension of the life of the robot. Correct and standardized robot maintenance and repair can limit the normal operation of robots, ensure economic power and improve production. Therefore, the maintenance and repair of vigilant robots is an indispensable operation. Intelligent industrial robots to intelligent industrial robots 1. In the upsurge of building "Thomas industrial robots", the current situation of industrial robots in China, in four words: strong demand, industrial overheating, blind follow, disorderly promotion

do a good job of ROS gear, harmonic gear and the controller at the end, and do a good job of the controller; Second, do the RV gear well; Third, do a good job of harmonic gear; Fourth, do a good job of servo motor; Fifth, do a good job in the system. If these things are done well, our industrial robots will have the opportunity to compete with overseas robots. 3. Find another way to develop intelligent robots from a strategic height. How to do robots? To be an intelligent robot, we should do it according to the principle of human work. What is the difference between human work and the work of the servo motor of Luliang ABB Robot? People achieve fine workmanship. They need to see while doing it, forming an intelligent response circle, while adjusting the orientation of workpieces and tools, performing the response through the eyes, and then doing it through the determination of the brain

Luliang ABB Robot Servo Motor Company, (Thomas) shows that irex2017 is not only promoting existing robot products, but also showing the development trend of robot application in the future, such as human-computer interaction, 3D vision, deep learning, intelligent gripper, etc., which is very enlightening for robot development enterprises. The demand of shopping malls is expanding rapidly. At the irex2017 exhibition site, not only the exhibition area of traditional robot giants gathered many visitors, but also a few entrepreneurial robot enterprises were very popular. Thomas is a typical example. It already has the position of the first-line Luliang ABB Robot Servo Motor enterprise. "Our production ability is limited, and many robot orders need to be extrapolated every year.

irb6640 robot can use a load of up to 235kg, which integrates the advantages of efficient production, compact planning, refining and repair, low-cost maintenance and so on. Its casting shape and casting progressive type are available for selection, so that Luliang ABB Robot Servo motor can cope with the" four in one "of harsh casting plastic raw materials, products, machinery, machine tool molds." The display pattern of the industrial chain is becoming more and more mature, and the production environment. ABB Robot can provide foundry enterprises with an effective solution plan to reduce energy consumption, and accurately solve the relationship between not only vertical extension and sustainable production. Most people will ignore a very important price factor in the procurement process. The introduction of robots to achieve "green production" will not only create energy-saving benefits, but also significantly reduce waste. Robots have irreplaceable advantages in ensuring high-quality production. The foundry reduces the defective rate, which reflects the reduction of rework times, and then saves power and reduces the cost price

in the year of the 13th five year plan, the national industrial economy was generally stable and making progress in 2016, and the above industrial added value was planned for the whole year. But now the national manufacturing industry is still in a critical period of continuous transformation of new and old drivers, structural transformation and upgrading. With the disappearance of demographic dividends and the transfer of lower coastal cities to central shopping malls, manufacturing enterprises will increase the intensity of proactive upgrading, implement intelligent and numerical control, and accelerate the transformation, upgrading and efficiency. From this point of view, there will be a huge opportunity for shopping malls in the future for the national industrial automation profession. At this time, it must be an opportunity to settle in the lubiang ABB Robot Servo Motor mall. At the beginning of 2017, many localities across the country began to describe the robot industry map of their hometown

the above is Luliang ABB Robot Servo Motor Company. I hope it can help you enter the market

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