Construction method and effect of the hottest 5YT2

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The construction method and effect of 5YT20 compactor

for the construction of road sections with a length of more than 1.5km, only by successfully applying the research and development results to the field of utilization, it is recommended to adopt the segmented construction method, that is, taking about 1km as a construction cycle, and the specific length can be adjusted according to whether the terrain is conducive to the machine turning around and other factors. Practice has proved that this method has a better effect if the machine is in standby state

for line driving, the method of staggering wheels without overlapping wheel tracks should be adopted and driving along a fixed line. Practice has proved that this is also the most economical and effective. As for the longitudinal arrangement, each time should be staggered by 1/6 of the circumference, so that each time the wave crest of the working face is impacted, it is conducive to the full distribution and uniformity of the impact points, and enhance the overall effect of stamping

when driving on the line, it is better to go outside first and then inside, because as a complete plate, the outer constraint can be naturally degraded within 1 month. Hitting the outside first is easy to cause the outer plate to crack first. In the case of cracking on the outside, the inner constraint is naturally reduced and recently reduced. At this time, hitting the inside again is relatively easy to crack the inner plate

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