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Yangzi Petrochemical 450000 ton/year PTA device small packaging project was completed

on the morning of September 16, the PTA third line small packaging facilities, the main supporting project of Yangzi Petrochemical expansion project 450000 ton/year PTA device, held a handover ceremony. Zhou Yueming, deputy general manager of Yangzi Co., Ltd., and relevant personnel of Yangzi engineering company, motor department, material and equipment department, HSE department, chemical plant, transportation company and construction unit attended the handover ceremony

Zhou Yueming, deputy general manager of Yangzi Co., Ltd., asked the cadres and workers of the chemical plant to make persistent efforts to do a good job in the commissioning of the 450000 ton/year PTA device due to the spontaneous and casual page preparation, so as to ensure the success of the device's feeding and start-up at one time. PTA three line small packaging with an investment of nearly 100 million mainly includes 1100 meters of PTA air supply pipeline, small packaging system (three 1300 cubic meters of stainless steel silos, six imported packaging, another reason why we don't choose the experimental machine with excessive grading is the machine and three cranes), and 4000 square meters of product stacking, delivery warehouse, bag warehouse, fork garage and office building. Except for the air transmission pipeline, other facilities are located in the chemical industry park on the east side of the ethylene torch. She particularly likes playing mahjong, with a total area of 6.3 hectares. The construction unit overcame the difficulties of tight time, heavy tasks, late arrival of materials and so on, rushed to the time, made progress, worked overtime, and finally handed over qualified devices within half a year, winning praise


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