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Major technological breakthroughs have been made in the special inner coating for steel drums

over the years, there have been many problems with the special inner coating for steel drums in China, which is difficult to compare with the foreign advanced inner coating for steel drums in technology and quality, making the inner coating for steel drums in a low-level and high accident situation for a long time. The main problems of the inner coating of steel drums in China are poor corrosion resistance and sanitation, as well as poor construction performance, which makes the quality of the inner coating steel drums used to contain special chemical raw materials, medicine and food can not be guaranteed, and accidents are emerging one after another, which seriously limits the normal packaging, storage and export trade of 12 products that can be understood by the appearance of the equipment in China

recently, the special epoxy coating for x-622 steel barrel developed and produced by Shanghai XCMG Coating Technology Co., Ltd. has been successfully developed, and this product has passed the inspection of FDA food and drug coatings. This is the only special coating for steel drums in China that has obtained the FDA food and drug coating certification, laying a solid foundation for domestic steel drums to hit the international market. At present, the coating has become the only steel barrel interior coating that has obtained a national patent in China (patent number: zl01245930.5), and has begun mass production and put into the market, which has been welcomed by many domestic barrel making enterprises

Shanghai XCMG Coating Technology Co., Ltd. is restructured from the coating Institute of Shanghai steel barrel technology and equipment research institute, Shanghai Huagong packaging container Co., Ltd. and the coating workshop of Shanghai chemical barrel factory, which was established in 1931. It is the only steel barrel industry in China that specializes in the research, development and production of various normal temperature quick drying internal and external coatings, baking internal and external coatings, instant paint remover, degreasing liquid Phosphating liquid, foaming steel barrel sealant and other professional companies

Xu Guoxing, the former director of Shanghai steel barrel technology and equipment research institute, has also significantly reduced the threshold for entrepreneurship. He has been engaged in the research of steel barrel equipment and steel barrel technology, steel barrel coating and steel barrel coating for more than 30 years, and has rich practical experience and solid theoretical foundation; He has published more than 50 papers in various newspapers and magazines at home and abroad, and made many technical speeches at the national and Pan Asian steel barrel conferences. The research team led by him won the 1982 Shanghai model group for the invention of A-22 textile size; The x-622 epoxy coating developed by him won the scientific and technological innovation award of Shanghai chemical barrel factory; The x-891 coating successfully developed in January, 1989 has become the only patented product in the special coating for steel barrels in China

the company has two strong research institutes Check whether the emergency stop switch is screwed up; With large technical force and a complete set of coating production equipment in the coating workshop of Shanghai chemical barrel factory, together with the professional research institution that was originally a steel barrel manufacturing enterprise and steel barrel technology, the research and manufacturing of steel barrel coating can be mastered and improved; The paint produced is more suitable for the terracotta warriors and the contents of the steel barrel. The construction of the paint is more suitable for the coating process of the steel barrel and the baking conditions of the steel barrel. The formed coating is more suitable for the pressing molding of the large and small openings of the barrel cover and the curling process of the bottom cover and the barrel body when the steel barrel is sealed

because the original two research institutes have done a lot of research, testing and trial work on the coating according to the characteristics of the steel barrel itself, and have done a lot of corrosion-resistant immersion tests, the coating produced is completely suitable for the coating of the steel barrel. The steel barrel coated with the company's coating has flat and bright, high adhesion, high impact resistance and extensive filling applicability

at present, the internal coatings widely used in the domestic steel barrel industry are mainly divided into three categories, namely epoxy, PVF and phenolic

epoxy coating is the earliest and most cost-effective traditional coating widely used in steel barrel industry at home and abroad. The solid content of epoxy coatings produced in China is about 36%, and the organic volatiles are mainly xylene, cyclohexanone, alcohols and esters; The solid content of the epoxy inner coating for x-622 steel barrel is about 40%, and its organic volatile is no longer xylene

pvf coating has a much higher viscosity than other coatings. In fact, its solid content is only about 24%. Organic volatiles are mainly dimethyl phthalate, propylene carbonate, etc

at present, the phenolic coating in steel barrels is only x - therefore, the project is checked under the condition that the experimental motor and control system are started. Its viscosity looks very low, only about 20 seconds (coated - 4 cups, 25 ℃), but its solid content also reaches about 40%. The main organic volatile is ketone alcohols. Thus, the environmental pollution caused by the internal coating in the construction is reduced, and the production cost is effectively reduced

x-362 steel barrel inner coating is a thermosetting phenolic resin coating specially used for steel barrels. Compared with general phenolic resin coating, it has greatly improved the adhesion to steel barrel plate, bending resistance of coating, storage life of coating, etc

phenolic resin is the earliest variety found in synthetic resins and the first to realize industrial production. It is also one of the best anti-corrosion materials. Thermosetting phenolic resin is a polymer synthetic resin formed by the condensation of phenol and aldehyde under the action of alkaline catalyst. At high temperature, the active hydroxymethyl group on its benzene ring can be cross-linked with excess formaldehyde in the resin to form a dense stable coating with shape structure. Therefore, it has excellent performance in mold resistance, corrosion resistance, humidity resistance, oil resistance, solvent resistance, salt spray resistance and chemical resistance, and can withstand hydrochloric acid of any concentration, as well as a variety of organic acids, pesticides, ammonia, surfactants and other items. Moreover, after high-temperature crosslinking, the methylene bond in phenolic resin has quite stable performance, so its heat resistance is better than epoxy resin and unsaturated polyester resin, and it can even be used for a long time at 120 ℃

however, due to the benzene ring in its molecular structure, nitration and sulfonation reactions can occur, so it is not resistant to strong oxidizing acids such as concentrated sulfuric acid and nitric acid. In addition, due to the presence of phenolic groups in the structure, the hydroxyl group on the benzene ring is weakly acidic, and its hydrogen can be replaced by sodium to produce water-soluble sodium phenolate products, so it has poor alkali resistance and is not resistant to molten phenolic products

due to the benzene ring structure as the main part of curing and crosslinking of general thermosetting phenolic resin coatings, the film is very brittle, and the coating will break immediately if it is slightly bent, and the shelf life is only 3 months at about 20 ℃. However, x-362 coating is a special internal coating for steel drums, which is specially designed for steel drums and improved on the basis of thermosetting phenolic resin. Therefore, considering the bending of steel drums when rolling the bottom cover and the attachment and leveling of steel drum plates, its coating on the sheet can be bent to more than 90 ° and its storage life can be as long as one year. X-362 coating has two kinds: red brown transparent color and yellow. Its coating performance is excellent (it can be said that in addition to poor alkali resistance and oxidation resistance, other anti-corrosion properties are better than PVF coating and epoxy coating), and the unit consumption of spraying is also low. X-362 type steel barrel coating can be sprayed on more than 8 200 liter steel barrels per kilogram. In addition, it has great advantages in price, so it has long been widely used in steel barrel coating

x-362 type steel barrel coating should be sprayed with a lower viscosity, preferably about 12 seconds (coating - 4 cups, 25 ℃), and the coating should also be thinner, otherwise it is easy to cause coating blistering during baking. The curing condition of the standard oven is 190 ℃ for 45 minutes, and the reference baking condition is 220 ℃ for 15 minutes. The best baking temperature and time can be determined according to different baking equipment after the test

the successful development of the new steel barrel inner coating undoubtedly has greatly improved the quality of steel barrel coating in China and effectively reduced the production cost. Moreover, the environmental pollution caused by the production of internally coated steel drums has also been greatly reduced, which is a big step forward in the realization of green packaging in China

source: China Packaging News

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