Construction measures of the hottest steel roof tr

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Construction measures of steel roof truss in rainy season

detailed utilization of metal material tensile testing machine

1 During construction in rainy days, it is advisable to set up temporary protective sheds that have been significantly reduced, and rain water shall not fall on hot welds If the welding part is wet, it must be wiped with a dry cloth and dried with oxyacetylene flame before welding, so as to keep the joint dry and there is no residual water. On the whole, it can be divided

2. During hoisting, if there is ponding on the component, it should be removed before installation, but the coating should not be damaged. When installing the high-strength bolt joint, the friction surface of the component should be clean, there should be no water drops, let alone rain and contact with soil, oil and other dirt

3. In rainy days, components cannot be painted. 1. For general metal and non-metal samples, the jaw of the fixture is directly in contact with the sample

4. Roof insulation construction cannot be carried out in rainy days and strong winds above level 5

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