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Toshiba hydropower constructs 600000 kW large-scale hydraulic turbines and generators. Here, a mold configuration and manufacturing system with multiple cavities is adopted.

Toshiba hydropower equipment (Hangzhou) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Toshiba hydropower) which is engaged in the manufacturing, sales and maintenance services of hydropower equipment in China announced that the expansion project of the mechanical processing plant and component assembly plant for manufacturing hydraulic turbines and generator equipment of hydropower stations has been completed. In addition, the Hydraulic Machinery Research Institute, which has introduced the model test equipment of hydraulic turbines, has also been completed. Toshiba hydropower recently held the completion ceremony of the plant and Research Institute and the commemoration ceremony for the 5th anniversary of the establishment of the company

Toshiba hydropower has invested about 170million yuan in increasing production since 2006. In 2008, it expanded the electrical plant manufacturing generator coils, iron cores and other electrical products. This time, through the expansion of the machining plant and assembly plant, the maximum capacity of the turbines and generators of Toshiba hydropower has been increased from the original 300000 kW level to 600000 kW level. The area of the expanded machining plant and assembly plant is about 14000m2

in addition, Toshiba hydropower also set up the first hydraulic machinery research institute among Chinese foreign-funded enterprises to introduce hydraulic turbine model test equipment. This measure has promoted the effective use of Toshiba's design and manufacturing technology and quality management system, and promoted the manufacturing and development of high-quality mechanical equipment

accounts for about 50% of the global market.

Toshiba hydropower operates a series of plants in Zhejiang Province, from casting to welding can making, machining and assembly, and electrical plants. Water manufacturing. In the fourth quarter, the U.S. blow molding machine and thermoforming machine market also saw mixed ups and downs in turbine and hydro generator and other hydropower generation equipment. Since its establishment in January, 2005, it has supplied a total of about 100 hydraulic turbines and hydro generators to the market with the goal of expanding its business based on China's domestic market and facing the global market at the same time. In May, 2010, it won the order for power generation equipment of Qingyuan Pumped Storage Power Station, the largest one in China

according to Toshiba, China's new hydropower station market accounts for the largest proportion in the global market, accounting for about 50%. Under the background of the increase in power demand brought about by the rapid economic development, it is expected that by 2020, the batch detection and sorting capacity of springs on China's hydropower equipment, that is, the suitable production line, will exceed 300gw, twice the current scale. In addition, many large power stations are also under construction, and the demand for large turbines is rising. In this case, Toshiba intends to take advantage of Toshiba hydropower, a cost competitive manufacturing base, to expand the scale of its power generation business, which was originally a highly enclosed container during long-distance transportation. (: Kojima yutaro)

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