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Building a Chinese version of "smart factory" construction machinery enterprises in action

building a Chinese version of "smart factory" construction machinery enterprises in action

China Construction machinery information

the made in China 2025 plan released by the State Council in May this year has taken improving the innovation ability of the manufacturing industry and developing intelligent manufacturing as a national strategy. As the backbone of the equipment manufacturing industry, the construction machinery industry is not only the competition for the quality and stability of a single equipment, nor is it limited to the competition for automated manufacturing units and automated whole lines, but also the integrated use of new concepts and achievements such as intelligent robots, big data, cloud CNC, information communication, IOT, and the current automation Digital smart factory project combines the competition of industrial chain integration

in the past two years, affected by many factors such as financial policy, project commencement and market saturation, China's construction machinery industry has entered a new normal. Industry enterprises have become much calmer and began to cultivate "internal skills", putting product quality and R & d rather than marketing first. More enterprises have strengthened the research on intelligent products in the manufacturing industry, so as to challenge the market through technological innovation

XCMG group: moving forward from a digital factory to a smart factory

in the huge factory building of XCMG group loader intelligent manufacturing base, there are few workers. In the highly automated and digital operation workshop and submitted to the relevant departments of the enterprise for effective review, most of them are cutting machines, welding machines, robot hands, etc. waving tirelessly in the air. The plant is 167000 square meters, equivalent to the size of 24 football fields. It takes one and a half hours to walk around. Here, all production processes such as blanking, structure, coating and final assembly can be completed at one time, and the annual production capacity of 2000 large tonnage loaders can be achieved. It is also the largest combined plant in the world construction machinery industry and the largest intelligent manufacturing base of large tonnage loaders in China

according to Zhang Qiliang, general manager of XCMG information, a large number of advanced and efficient intelligent manufacturing technologies and process equipment are used in the cutting, welding, machining, coating and assembly units of the combined plant. In order to improve the level of intelligent manufacturing, welding robots, spraying robots, cutting robots and other automatic equipment are widely used in the process construction. For example, a large number of welding robots have been configured and two automatic welding lines have been built, which are unique in the loader industry in terms of both the number of configurations and the scope of use. For example, the entire welding manufacturing process of the loader bucket has been unmanned, greatly reducing the labor cost and significantly improving the welding quality

in XCMG crane intelligent chemical plant, key CNC equipment and large machining centers are all connected, realizing on-site networking monitoring and visual management of the workshop. At the same time, through the full integration of MES (production process execution management) and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system, the automatic management and control of production process are realized, and the level of flexible manufacturing of enterprises is improved

through the MES system, the collaboration between various production units is more timely, and the production models such as production order progress, production bottleneck processes, worker performance and product production quality are reflected in transparent quantitative data; The me design change control and quality assurance are very unsatisfactory. The s system records the in-process, working hours, personnel and other information in the manufacturing process in real time. The whole production process can be traced, providing timely and accurate diverse data for technical R & D personnel

in addition, through the implementation of MES system, we have quickly established a timely decision-making system, fed back the problems on the production site to the managers at the first time, and adopted the fastest speed to solve the problems. A large number of SPC statistical analysis reports in the later stage also provide rich management basis for the enterprise decision-makers

in addition to MES, XCMG's intelligent global collaborative R & D platform realizes the real-time interoperability of product design data with the world, and is also highly integrated with SAP, MES, PDS and other systems, greatly shortening the time to market of new products

open the app and have a panoramic view of every move of the remote device. This is a remote monitoring IOT platform similar to industrial interconnection recently implemented by XCMG group. Customers can view the geographical location, working hours, historical tracks, fuel consumption of the day and other information of the equipment anytime and anywhere by simply logging in to the system through a computer. Although the platform is still in the stage of exploring the market, it is of great benefit to improve the user experience and the operation and management level of equipment

Zhang Qiliang said that XCMG wanted to build an intelligent manufacturing system with integrated design and manufacturing, intelligent management, data information and automatic control through the deep integration of management informatization and equipment automation, using various sensors, intelligent control systems, industrial robots and automatic production lines

Zhang Qiliang revealed that the intelligent manufacturing of XCMG group is carried out with MES as the core. As the brain of the whole manufacturing process, MES is responsible for scheduling all production resources such as production, materials, quality and equipment, so as to maximize the benefits through the production process. "In the process of implementing the MES system, we always adhere to the idea of lean manufacturing, optimize the business process, and change the original inefficient process of the factory. The optimized process is formed into a project blueprint, which is solidified after being reviewed by the business department, and then refined and implemented in the system. After the project is completed, the project team collates and absorbs the excellent process of the factory to form a new best practice plan." He said

Zoomlion: intelligent manufacturing connects people and products

on April 27 this year, at the "integration of industrialization and informatization" management system implementation conference and achievement exhibition organized by the Ministry of industry and information technology, as a model of information integration of industrialization and informatization, Zoomlion presented the latest achievements of "integration of industrialization and informatization" on behalf of the equipment manufacturing industry, and "integration of Zoomlion" has become a new model for enterprises to promote high-end intelligent strategy

during the national "two sessions" this year, Ma Kai, member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and vice premier of the State Council, praised Zoomlion's remote monitoring service system by name when participating in the deliberation of the Hunan delegation. "Product remote operation monitoring and service capability" is one of the four capabilities passed by Zoomlion's integration of industrialization and industrialization

at present, Zoomlion's remote monitoring service system monitors 130000 sets of equipment in more than 1200 varieties, including 51 product series such as concrete pump trucks, excavators, truck cranes, etc. in real time. The start-up time, operation trajectory, operation status, performance status and other data of each equipment are all collected in the database. "Zoomlion's product remote monitoring service system is interconnected with the call center, and 2192 service engineers respond to relevant problems within 5 minutes. The ultimate goal is to realize service interconnection and establish a customer-centric service network." Said wangyukun, chief information officer of Zoomlion

wangyukun said that Zoomlion's monthly output value exceeded 2billion yuan, but the monthly order cost difference was controlled within 500000 yuan on average, and the minimum monthly difference had reached 30000 yuan. This alone means that nearly 297million yuan of cost has been saved. Zoomlion hopes that the smart factory will breed smart products, achieve the interconnection between products, and finally realize the interconnection between products and people

through its own efforts, Zoomlion has achieved its own technology integration, product integration, business integration and resource integration. In terms of quality improvement and customer satisfaction, through the support of ERP, after-sales service mobile application platform, IOT intelligent cloud service platform and other marketing after-sales systems, the company's customer service and customer satisfaction have been significantly improved

for example, in April this year, the fuel consumption of a concrete pump truck in Lingshi, Shanxi Province suddenly increased, and the idle running time exceeded 50% of the working time. "Our backstage service staff called the owner directly to inquire about the situation, and found that it was the operator who left the pump truck, but did not shut down." Not only that, through data analysis, the service engineer also told the owner how to operate better, so that the machine can maintain better performance and save more energy consumption

the official account launched during the Spring Festival in 2015 makes Zoomlion cloud intelligent platform more flexible. On the end, after the customer binds the device to the, he can see the working condition and running track of the device anytime and anywhere, and the repair request and even the attendance of the machine operator can also be completed on the app

according to Wang Yukun, three months after the launch of Zoomlion platform, the timeliness of service response has been shortened from 15 minutes to 5 minutes, and the audience rate of content dissemination has reached whether the handle and buttons can operate and be controlled to 40%. 1.5 million yuan of content dissemination and marketing costs have been saved

from 2009 to 2014, Zoomlion invested more than 100million yuan in intelligent manufacturing every year. Through years of continuous construction and innovation, Zoomlion is at the forefront of intelligent manufacturing. "Intelligent manufacturing is a new business model, which will dominate our sales in the future." Zhan Chunxin, chairman of Zoomlion, said

Sany Heavy Industry: leading intelligent manufacturing with big data cloud computing

recently, Sany group organized employees to learn industry 4.0, let employees understand the background, connotation and strategy of industry 4.0, and promote the company to become a leader in intelligent manufacturing

industry 4.0 is a development strategy put forward by Germany under the background of the global scientific and technological revolution. In fact, in this wave known as the information revolution, the United States has also formulated a national strategic plan for advanced manufacturing, and the Chinese government vigorously advocates new industrialization

the equipment manufacturing industry where Sany is located is a national strategic industry. More and more enterprises in the industry emphasize upgrading the manufacturing industry with information technology, establishing advanced manufacturing and management systems, participating in high-end market competition through intelligent equipment, and expanding and strengthening China's manufacturing industry. Especially in the period of in-depth adjustment of the industry, Sany also firmly grasped the wave of informatization, explored new growth points, and let smart factories and big data play an increasingly important role in enterprise development

Sany's informatization is far earlier than that of its domestic counterparts. It can be traced back to 1994, when the first computer drawing replaced the hand-painted drawing, indicating the start of Sany's informatization

in 2011, the No. 18 workshop of Sany starting hydraulic pump, which was put into construction in Changsha, is the largest intelligent manufacturing workshop in Asia, which is a model of Sany industrial informatization construction. Walking into the workshop, what you see is not a traditional construction machinery and equipment manufacturing workshop, but more like a large-scale computing system plus mechanized operating tools, a smart body of large-scale production equipment. Every production process, every quality inspection, and every worker's labor volume are recorded

according to the introduction, plant 18 created the "Sany speed" of one pump truck offline in one hour. The port industrial park established later created a speed of 5 minutes to offline a excavator. At present, the technology of digital factory has been applied in more than thirty business units, which has promoted the transformation of the company's production mode. Therefore, Sany's digital factory has won the reputation of "smart factory"

another thing worth mentioning is the connection of "the last mile" information. Sany completed the connection between enterprises and equipment terminals through the independently developed information system ECC global enterprise control center, and took the lead in opening the application of IOT in the industry. ECC can control equipment, dispatch workers nearby, and collect fuel consumption, safety, etc

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