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Building construction methods and technical measures

this project is a residential building of Dongfanghong Forestry Bureau, with a total construction area of xxm2, a brick concrete structure, a total of six floors, consisting of building lighting and lightning protection grounding, a total of two entrances, and its nearby cable model is yjv22 × four × 70mm2, through sc-80 steel pipe buried into the house, into the general distribution box, and then distributed to other centralized meter boxes to supply power for the whole building. The power distribution mode is three item five wire system, namely TN-C-S system

in the process of electrical construction, first do a good job in the erection and installation of temporary electricity on the construction site, and pay attention to the safe construction operation on site, and then carry out the construction of electrical engineering in the residential building. In addition, the construction procedure can be divided into:

1, electricity 4, concealed works of Gas Piping after connecting the power line and grounding wire

2. Threading engineering in the pipe

3. Installation works of electrical appliances and distribution boxes

4. Concealed lightning protection and repeated grounding

5. Equipotential installation

6. Power on test acceptance project

1. Piping

(1) indoor wiring is copper core plastic insulated wire, which passes through flame-retardant plastic pipe and is concealed along the wall, floor slab, etc. the pipe is sleeved with a larger pipe diameter at the joint, and the bending radius shall not be less than 10 times the outer diameter of the pipe. If the uan exceeds the following length, a pull box should be installed in the middle, and the distance between the two pull points should meet the following requirements: 30 no bending, 20m one bending, 15m two bending, 8m three bending

(2) the hole and the hole at the lamp position should be blocked with a wooden wedge to prevent the creation or mortar from entering the hole

2. Threading

confirm the fatigue strength limit of the spring material according to the fatigue life, and confirm its fatigue strength limit according to the working conditions and materials of the spring

(1) the specification and model of the insulated wire threaded into the pipe must meet the requirements of the design drawings and have the factory certificate

(2) before threading, check whether the protective covers of each information gateway are complete. If there are omissions and damages, they should be supplemented and replaced

(3) when threading, put the wire on the paying off rack or use artificial defense line. If the pipeline is long, there are many bends, and it is difficult to thread, you can blow an appropriate amount of talcum powder into the pipe, or wipe the wire to be threaded with a cloth strip mold covered with talcum powder. When threading, use manual pulling and sending, which should be matched and coordinated, and it is not allowed to use its external force to force threading

(4) the total area occupied in the conductor riser shall not exceed 40% of the net cross-sectional area in the pipe

(5) the insulation resistance of the telemetry lighting route shall not be less than 0.5u damping

(6) the conductor connection method adopts the stranded soldering method

(7) circuits of different voltage levels shall not be threaded into the same pipe

3. Lamp installation

(1) lamp accessories should be complete without mechanical damage, deformation and other phenomena

(2) the installation of lamps and lanterns should be firm, clean and beautiful. What's more, there are some super hard material views

(3) there shall be no joints in the installation of lamp cap wires, and there shall be no mechanical force at the introduction. The lamp cap wires shall be made with safety buckles in the lamp cap box, and the wiring terminals shall not be stressed. The lamp cap wires shall be hung with tin, and the cotton yarn of purple flexible wires shall be treated as income

4. Installation of switch socket

(1) the installation height of socket is designed

(2) the cut-off position of the switch in the same place should be the same, and the switch should be connected to the phase line. When the switch is pushed, it should be closed and closed, and the socket should be left zero and right fire ground wire

5. Installation of distribution box

(1) distribution box. The installation position of the meter box should be dry and bright, not easy to be damaged by collision, not subject to vibration, and convenient for meter reading, operation and repair

(2) during civil construction, holes shall be reserved for distribution boxes, switch boxes, centralized calculation boxes, etc. according to the size of the box, and the box wall shall be close to the wall and coated with anti rust paint

(3) when the rear wall of the box is exposed after it is embedded in the wall, it should be protected with metal, and then plastered with No. 50 cement mortar. It is strictly forbidden to directly plaster the cement mortar on the rear wall of the distribution box

(4) the distribution box and switch box shall be installed horizontally, numerically, firmly and neatly

(5) the knife switch, fresh-keeping box and other equipment on the distribution box should be installed vertically, with the upper end connected to the power supply and the lower end connected to the load, and the phase sequence should be consistent

(6) when the wire passes through the layout, it should be protected by plastic pipe head, and the redundant holes on the box should be sealed and painted. The paint color should be consistent with the box color

(7) the circuit number and name shall be marked below all electrical appliances in the distribution box, and the furnace controlled shall be consistent with the drawing

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