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Cosmetics brand image building III

X. French Clarins (Clarins):

since its inception, French Clarins has adhered to the research and development concept of pure plant skin care. With its more than 40 years of skin care, slimming experience and excellent efficacy, it has won the trust and welcome of more and more women around the world

treasure of zhenpai:

face and body care oils - Clarins' three face and body care oils have been used since the brand was founded. In more than 40 years, they have undergone countless innovations, making the formula more pure and the effect more excellent. All natural ingredients can provide the most gentle natural care for the whole body skin

Xi. French Guerlain (Guerlain):

Guerlain, which started with the preparation of perfume, was founded by Pierre in 1828. Mr. Guerlain has been founded for more than 170 years. Excellent quality makes Guerlain stand out from many perfume brands. The magical perfume formula used by Guerlain since its inception Tonga beans, jasmine, rose and iris has become the thinner fragrance mark of the aromatic recycled material of Guerlain perfume

treasure of zhenpai:

Magic meteor powder - with only a box of magic meteor powder, Guerlain has soared in global popularity. Pink adds ruddy, green desalinates redness and swelling, white is pleasing and bright, and gold and Pearl bring out glittering and translucent luster. Multicolor crisscross makes your face show infinite charm; Transparent powder, make makeup bring out misty beauty. Dozens of small powder beads make women glow, and have become Guerlain's best-selling product series for many years

12. Sisley (Sisley):

Sisley was founded in 1976. It is a family style noble makeup brand in France. At the beginning of its founding, the whole brand was very low-key, and its customer base was limited to some upper class aristocratic circles. Until the end of the last century, Sisley began to be publicly available worldwide, and pure plant extraction is the foundation of the brand

there are doors in front of and behind the machine base of zhenpai to speed up the construction of the treasure of the University Industrial Research Institute:

versatile lotion, one of Sisley's best-selling products in the world, is formulated with a variety of plant essence. It has a pleasant fragrance and can be easily absorbed after being applied to the face. It can also promote the skin's double absorption of other skin care products. Although the price is not cheap, it has become the love of many women with its excellent efficacy

XIII. Bobbi Brown (BB for short)

Ms. Bobbi Brown, who is also the head of makeup brand, makeup artist and the founder of BB brand, a best-selling author, likes to use cosmetics to paint for her parents since childhood. BB brand was merged by Estee Lauder group in 1995, and has since embarked on the road of international development. BB's philosophy is: let every woman be herself, and the most natural state is the most beautiful. Therefore, the color of the brand's makeup is not fancy, and the color is mostly basic. The texture is unforgettable. The code for measurement of building deformation jgj/t 8 (9) 7

treasure of zhenpai:

foundation make-up bar - BB's Foundation Stick foundation make-up bar, amazing texture, super Concealer power and extremely natural makeup effect are integrated into one, after applying it, there will be no sense of massiness. A gentle wipe can integrate into the skin, pores and fine spots disappear immediately, making the face as smooth and soft as porcelain

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