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Founded in 1992, Guangdong Weiye Aluminum Factory Group Co., Ltd. has three major production bases in China, and its products are exported to more than 30 countries and regions overseas

Company Profile: Guangdong Weiye Aluminum Factory Group Co., Ltd. was founded in 1992. It has three major production bases in China, and its products are exported to more than 30 countries and regions overseas

with the 4WD development mode of "scale + technology + brand + management", Weiye leads China's aluminum profile industry. It has two brands of Weiye aluminum and Weiye doors and windows. Its products are widely used in construction engineering, transportation, electronics and appliances, sanitary ware, home office, customized doors and windows, aluminum home and other industries

Weiye aluminum introduced large-scale automatic spraying production lines in Asia to reduce energy consumption through equipment upgrading. Enterprise map

early aluminum factories left people with the stereotype of chimneys and heavy industrial production. Now in Foshan, the large aluminum factory is no longer an extensive and high-energy production mode, but extends towards the middle and lower reaches of the industrial chain, and walks out of a development path of "Internet + industrial diversification and personalized customization"

at the beginning of this year, the "weiyegou" e-commerce platform released by Weiye aluminum started from the user's thinking, with online and offline one-to-one services, real-time feedback on the order process, and the payment was confirmed only after the user was satisfied. Taking the user experience on the demand side as a breakthrough, Weiye aluminum connects with the market from the field of product processing, and matches the market demand with high-quality supply

product innovation creates all aluminum home furnishings to expand the market

in Weiye's exhibition hall, rows of imitation wood doors and windows look like solid wood structures. When you touch and knock them with your hands, you find that the doors and windows are actually made of metal

as early as a few years ago, facing the downturn of the construction market and the upgrading of consumers' environmental protection concept, Weiye actively adjusted its product structure. Because wooden furniture is easily affected by moisture and deformation, maintenance is extremely inconvenient. To this end, Weiye promoted the upgrading of doors and windows to build all aluminum home, upgraded from exporting aluminum building profiles to exporting door and window curtain wall systems, and focused on the research, development and application of aluminum home products

"our production is mainly based on the market. The state regulates real estate. The government has clear standards for green buildings, and consumers know better how to choose green products." Li Weiping, deputy general manager of Guangdong Weiye Aluminum Factory Group Co., Ltd., said that combined with the characteristics of aluminum application in furniture, Weiye carried out the building and promotion of system doors and windows

Weiye's blue ocean of product innovation goes beyond this. Li Weiping introduced that Weiye aluminum home products developed a variety of new surface treatment products, including blue and white porcelain powder spraying, wood grain transfer printing, extinction electrophoretic painting, antibacterial spraying, fireproof spraying and other processes. The appearance and performance of these new process products are all in line with the market demand. "We found that post-60s consumers prefer dark mahogany furniture, while post-90s consumers prefer white log and metal door and window furniture."

service transformation "Internet + industry" docking market

for a long time, aluminum mills that do not connect with the end market have difficulty understanding the needs of consumers, so they are at a disadvantage in the whole industrial chain. To this end, Weiye has innovated the "online drainage + offline service" marketing model of Internet + customized doors and windows and hundreds of factories and thousands of stores

"as a material supplier, Weiye should serve the dealers well. Dealers focus on the application of materials, not the production of materials." Li Weiping said that the supply side structural reform proposed by the state and the provision of the best quality products and services are important elements of structural adjustment

with good products, we should also have good services. From aluminum production to directly facing the end market, customized production is needed. "The most difficult thing about customization is how to make consumers do one-to-one service before buying products?" In 2009, Weiye began to build an offline national 5S exhibition hall. In 2014, it upgraded the domestic and foreign high-end door and window experience halls to give consumers an intuitive experience

after several years of offline distribution, Weiye aluminum and Weiye doors and windows have more than 3000 outlets in China. Now Weiye has begun to integrate online resources in order to achieve online and offline integration and development

"the traditional sales model is not applicable at present. If you don't change it, users won't wait for you." Li Weiping introduced that this year, Weiye purchase app platform integrating product customization, DIY design experience, 3D rendering and other experience functions was launched, "Weiye doors and windows" will connect online + offline and run through the whole industry chain. After receiving orders, Weiye headquarters will send orders to service providers in different regions to monitor the whole service of the management system

introduce equipment to promote energy conservation and emission reduction

in recent years, in view of the phased overcapacity in aluminum processing and the frequent occurrence of safety and environmental protection accidents, the state has issued a variety of policies to guide energy conservation and emission reduction and eliminate backward production capacity

Fengyangming, deputy general manager of Weiye aluminum, said that Weiye was the first enterprise in the industry to use natural gas for production. At that time, the introduction of natural gas cost a sum of money. Later, when the industry faced environmental pressure and had to switch to natural gas, Weiye had taken a big step ahead in energy conservation and emission reduction. "In the early stage, people often didn't understand it. Later, they suddenly realized that enterprises that don't pay attention to environmental protection and energy conservation will eventually be out. This is the trend."

Weiye took the lead in adopting the industry-leading servo motor hydraulic drive technology in the industry, introduced the 7000 ton two-way extruder with the largest tonnage in South China, and introduced the automated vertical oxidation electrophoresis production line with the largest capacity in Asia (with an annual capacity of 60000 tons), so as to reduce energy consumption through equipment upgrading. It takes the lead in applying the full closed-loop high-efficiency and low consumption servo control system applied to the injection molding machine in the plastic manufacturing industry to the extruder. This change has increased the output by about 17% and reduced the power consumption per unit product by about 29.4%





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