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The neoclassical decoration perfectly integrates the classical style and the traditional Chinese decoration characteristics to achieve a Chinese fashion decoration. Neoclassical decoration is the most popular choice for many mature and charming people. For example, the new house type of Mr. Wang, the capital of Zhiyin, is 94 square meters. Mr. Wang likes the decoration of ancient classics very much. Through our decoration bidding, we found Yezhifeng decoration. After understanding Mr. Wang's decoration ideas, I designed a fashionable neoclassical style for Mr. Wang. Now let's enjoy the 94 square meter neoclassical decoration effect drawing of the B2 house type of Zhiyin capital with Xiaobian

[Zhiyin capital B2 house type 94 square meter house type map]

Community: Zhiyin capital (participate in the Group decoration of the community, and enjoy the decoration group purchase 3000 yuan cash discount)

area: 94 square meters

decoration method: half bag

decoration style: Neoclassical style

decoration company: Yezhifeng decoration

Design Description: Yezhifeng decoration designer has formulated a delicate neoclassical style decoration for the owner according to the owner's needs, Mr. Wang likes classical things very much, so the designer provided a complete design scheme for the owner when designing. This is where Mr. Wang is very satisfied with Yezhifeng decoration. The designer made full use of the ingenious design of some colors and the aesthetic feeling of lines to create a harmonious interior decoration full of classical charm

[94 square meter neoclassical decoration effect drawing]

I. living room

design focus: Line beauty

the most important thing for the overall decoration of the living room is to dress up and design the overall pattern, and use some simple shapes to create a harmonious indoor environment. The color design of the living room focuses on the decoration of purple, gray and white walls with primary colors, realizing the best interpretation of the neoclassical style

II. Restaurant

design focus: modeling design

the overall design of the restaurant gives people an elegant visual effect. Although it is an open kitchen and restaurant, the overall decoration and design are very simple, and the final effect is also very good





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