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1、 The function of decoration budget is the basis for the decoration company to sign the contract with the owner, withdraw the project funds and settle the project accounts; It is the basis for the owner to prepare plans and implement economic accounting

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first, the role of decoration budget

is the basis for the decoration company and the owner to sign the contract, withdraw the project funds and settle the project; It is the basis for the owner to prepare plans and implement economic accounting

II. Preparation basis of decoration budget

1. Decoration engineering design drawing. Including the planning drawing, that is, the plane sketch before the interior decoration and the plane sketch in the decoration, and the local detail drawing, such as the kitchen, living room, bedroom, etc. in the hall and room; 2. Decorative effect drawing; 3. Construction scheme of decoration works

III. preparation methods and steps of decoration budget

1. Collect data; 2. Be familiar with the contents of drawings and master the design intent; 3. Read the quota description and calculate the quantities; 4. Apply the quota or unit valuation table to calculate the direct fee

IV. composition of decoration costs

the total cost of home decoration should be: main material cost + auxiliary material cost + labor cost + design cost + management fee + tax

main materials refer to the finished and semi-finished materials involved in the decoration construction according to the construction area or single project, such as wood floors, tiles, sanitary ware, lamps, hardware, etc

v. four factors affecting the decoration budget

material price is the basis of quotation, and the quality of materials is also one of the factors determining the price. The material with solid texture and good workmanship is relatively expensive, on the contrary, it is relatively cheap; The other is the brand. The materials with famous brands and good reputation must be more expensive than those from small nameless factories

the quality of the process affects the final quotation, which refers to the construction level and production level of the construction personnel. In the case of the same materials, the craftsmanship of workers directly affects the decoration quality. Skilled and well-trained construction personnel, the asking price is naturally high

it costs more to have construction management. The construction process is complex. The cross operation of various types of work and the sequence of processes are very important to ensure the construction quality. Regular decoration companies that invite special personnel to manage the construction will spend more

the qualification of decoration companies is also a factor. Excellent decoration companies should have offices, design departments, engineering supervision departments, material supporting centers, finance departments, audit departments, etc. These all require certain fees, which will naturally be reflected in the price

five traps in the decoration budget:

trap 1 lowers the price of a single item

for example, an owner knows the current unit price of floors and tiles, but he does not necessarily know the labor cost of floor installation and tiling, so he cut down the price of floors and tiles, but suffered a loss in labor cost

solution: look at the decoration quotation, don't just focus on the single price of a certain item, but combine the costs of labor, loss, machinery and other aspects as well as other items. If you find that a certain price is particularly low, then you have to review the prices of other items

trap 2 omits some main materials for hard decoration

some main materials are deliberately omitted from the decoration quotation. The owner is attracted by this kind of quotation with reasonable overall price and signs the contract readily, but in the next decoration process, the owner will continue to pay out for these malicious forgetfulness of the decoration company

solution: villains first and gentlemen later. According to the design drawings, it is required to write clearly all the main materials in the decoration contract or agreement, and indicate whether the buyer is the decoration company or the owner himself. Generally, the main materials that are easy to be omitted are the materials used for corners, such as background walls and ceilings

trap three blurs the quality, grade and specification of the selected main materials

this is a trick commonly used by nonstandard decoration companies. Although it states that some materials are needed and indicates the quantity of materials required, it does not state what quality, brand and specification materials are selected

solution: the decoration company is required to clearly mark the quality, grade, specification and model of the materials used on the budget table for future installation and use

trap 4: steal the unit of measurement of materials

the owner rarely pays attention to the units on the quotation, and not knowing the different units means that the quotation number deviates greatly. For example, it seems reasonable to customize a shoe cabinet. In fact, there is no explanation about the size of the shoe cabinet, leaving enough opportunities for later decorators to exploit loopholes

solution: in many projects, it is recommended to calculate according to the actual area, such as wardrobe, shoe cabinet, etc., and try not to use “ Item ” In order to avoid errors in the decoration process

trap 5: the construction process is ambiguous

looking at the numbers without looking at the text description is a problem that most owners often make when looking at the quotation. They always feel that a digital error will cause losses, and the text description must be useless, which is not the case. Many construction projects may cause trouble as long as they miss a process

solution: learn more about decoration, understand the construction process standards of various projects about interior decoration, and regularly go to decorate new houses to understand the process, which has a certain preventive effect. It is best to hire a qualified, professional and stable decoration company to serve yourself

how to arrange the budget

1. Check whether the drawings are accurate

how to objectively review the decoration budget? Before reviewing the budget, you should review the drawings first. A complete, detailed and accurate set of drawings is the basis of the budget quotation, because the quotation is based on the specific area, length, size, materials and processes in the drawings. The drawings are inaccurate, and the budget is certainly inaccurate

2. Whether the engineering projects are complete

it is necessary to check whether all the engineering projects in the budget are complete, whether the things to be done are listed in the budget table, and whether there are phenomena such as underreporting a door or missing kitchen wall tiling and bedroom baseboard. When the missed project arrives at the site for construction, it must still be done, so it is inevitable to go through the formalities of increasing the decoration project and increase an unexpected expenditure

3. UOM affects budget results

pay attention to the UOM in the budget. In terms of furniture production, there are great differences among decoration companies. For example, when making large wardrobes or bookcases, some companies use extended meters, and some use square meters. At this time, we should pay attention, because furniture calculated by square meters, no matter how high or wide, is calculated by multiplying the number of square meters by the unit price, and furniture calculated by extended meters has height restrictions

4. The drawing should be consistent with the budget size

check the specific quantity of each project in the budget with reference to the drawing. For example, if the floor tile area calculated by the size on the drawing is 60m2, the budget book should be about 60m2, and the data calculation should be quite rigorous and accurate. If the area calculated by the drawing is 60m2, and the budget book is 65m2, this is an obvious error. For some decoration projects with high unit price, there is often a difference of thousands of yuan

5. The description of materials and processes should be specific

the decoration company should tell the decoration family what materials and processes the quoted price is composed of. If you see such a quotation: “ Wall duorensi 38 yuan/m2”, This is obviously not specific enough& ldquo; Dorans ” It is a brand of wall coating, including many products, including interior wall paint, exterior wall paint, etc. interior wall paint is divided into several categories. Each paint has many colors

6. Special circumstances special budget

during the construction of home decoration, it is inevitable that some special construction situations will occur, or some special decoration requirements will be put forward by the decoration families. At this time, the cost of decoration cannot be calculated according to the normal quotation. For example, waterway and circuit construction: it is difficult to accurately calculate the reconstruction cost of waterway and circuit in the budget at the beginning. Usually, a small part is collected in advance and settled according to the actual amount when the project is completed

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