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Guangzhou door Expo has gone through eight years. The Eighth China (Guangzhou) door Expo will be held again in Guangzhou Poly World Trade Expo from March 30 to April 1, 2017. As an annual appointment for door and window people, it has witnessed the development and progress of the door and window industry with many door and window enterprises, and has experienced the ups and downs of the industry with many enterprises

Yuemei doors and windows, as one of the doors and windows brands, has focused on aluminum alloy doors and windows for 13 years, and is positioned as a modern, fashionable and simple medium and high-end brand. In recent years, it has developed rapidly. This door Expo is unveiled again. First of all, it is through the door Expo to enhance brand awareness and influence and enhance the confidence of dealers. Secondly, I hope to make friends with more new friends and find more like-minded partners through this exhibition. Address of this exhibition: Guangzhou Poly World Trade Center 3b04

design effect drawing of Yuemei exhibition hall 1

design effect drawing of Yuemei exhibition hall 2

design effect drawing of Yuemei exhibition hall 3

according to general manager Huang, director of Yuemei door and window marketing department, Yuemei door and window has three attractions in this exhibition:

1 A number of new products with novel designs and ingenious ideas have been released

2. There will be a new store image display

3. Heavy franchise policy of key cities

director of Yuemei marketing department

president Huang also introduced six reasons for joining Yuemei:

1 The scale of the enterprise is large, and it has two production bases in Foshan and Jiangxi, covering a total area of 80000 square meters

2. Quasi listed brands will be listed in Australia in 2018. A complete cooperation mechanism and equity incentives allow dealers to gain more with one effort

3. The company has set up a mega business school, improved the training system, and carried out active assistance to enable dealers to grow rapidly

4. A strong marketing system, equipped with a strong marketing and business team, network promotion team, from the opening help, festival activities support, market anti-aircraft advertising to form a process profit system, so that dealers form an excellent virtuous cycle from opening to profit

5. Tens of millions of online and offline market investment

6. Perfect product system with high cost performance

once again, the 8th China (Guangzhou) door industry expo will be held in Guangzhou Poly world trade exhibition hall from March 30 to April 1, 2017. The Guangdong US Pavilion is poly World Trade Hall 3b04. Welcome dealers and friends to visit and consult

Yuemei doors and windows provides some tickets for friends who come to see the exhibition on a first come, first served basis

how to get tickets:

method 1: pay attention to the "Yuemei door and window headquarters" official account, reply: Tickets + name + phone

method 2: leave a message at the back of this article. Format: Ticket + name + phone

Yuemei's family members will contact you as soon as possible to provide you with services within their capabilities and tickets to the 8th China (Guangzhou) door industry expo





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