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Domestic machine tools: further efforts are needed to cultivate the international market.

in addition to cultivating the domestic market, Chinese machine tool enterprises should also actively participate in international competition, learn advanced technology, find gaps in exchanges and cooperation, and improve the level.

"a higher level of machine tools has played a key role in the development of the manufacturing industry, and is also of great significance to the country's comprehensive strength." Recently, at the 2019 Hannover metal processing World Conference, Schaefer, general manager of the German machine tool manufacturers association, made a study and judgment on the cutting-edge issues of the current development of the machine tool industry

"from a global perspective, in the past few years, some experimental machine manufacturers in the machine tool industry have been following the trend of increasing orders and sales of single space tensile testing machines, and the demand for machine tools in traditional industries such as automobile, machinery and medicine is rising." Schaeffer pointed out that the current global machine tool industry is developing steadily. The emergence of new technologies such as IOT has had a great impact on the industry, not only improving production efficiency, but also ensuring product quality. However, the emergence of new technologies does not represent a disruptive change. What enterprises still face is market and technical challenges

"for example, the current industry development urgently needs high-quality data and connects with other machine tools and machinery through IOT." Sheffer said that the industry needs a common language platform and a set of unified standards, but it is very small for thin-walled plastic parts or gates to realize the integration between different systems

in view of the opportunities and challenges faced by the development of China's machine tool industry in recent years, Schaefer said that in the past few years, China's machine tool enterprises have always focused on the domestic market. Most enterprises believe that the Chinese market is large enough to meet the market goals, so the proportion of China's machine tool exports in the past few years is not too high. "However, it is worth noting that China's machine tool exports are still increasing. China's machine tool exports to Germany have been rising in recent years. Last year alone, the proportion of machine tools exported by China to Germany, more importantly, threatening people's lives, has increased by 20%." Sheffer said

machine tools are known as the "mother of industry". With the acceleration of the modernization of China's industrial infrastructure, the demand for high-quality development for efficient manufacturing technology is increasing. According to statistics, in 2018, the main business income of Enterprises above Designated Size in China's machine tool industry was 715.13 billion yuan, an increase of 8.3% year-on-year. Among them, the main business income of metal cutting machine tools was 119.01 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 3.3%

"the machine tool industry covers machinery, electric power, control, software and other industries. The industries interact with each other and form an extremely complex system. The high-level development of the industry requires the balanced growth of this system, but this is a long-term and continuous process, which is not achieved overnight." Schaefer pointed out that not only China, but also countries with good development momentum in the machine tool industry, including South Korea, cannot reach a very high level in a short time. Chinese machine tool enterprises should actively participate in international competition, find out the gap and improve the level. (economic yangzipei)

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