Advantages and disadvantages of Chinese machinery

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Advantages and disadvantages of Chinese machinery

the Las Vegas International Construction Machinery Expo (conexpo-con/agg2005) has come to an end, which is the largest exhibition of China's construction machinery industry. However, the venue and scale of the whole exhibition are smaller than that of Bauma exhibition in Munich, Germany last year, and show regional characteristics. Some analysts believe that this is mainly because the United States refused to sign the exhibition groups and visitors of relevant countries for security reasons

the "Oscar" of construction machinery industry

Las Vegas Construction Machinery Expo, together with Bauma in Germany and rntermat in France, is known as the three major exhibitions of the industry. It is jointly sponsored by American Equipment Manufacturers Association (AEM), American Commercial Concrete Association and American aggregate Association. It is held every three years to mainly display the most advanced products, technologies and services in the industry. It is known as the "Oscar" of construction machinery industry

more than 2300 construction machinery manufacturers from around the world participated in the Expo, including famous international brands of construction machinery and many small and medium-sized host and supporting enterprises, which brought new equipment, technology and ideas

according to statistics, there are 33 domestic enterprises organized by China Construction Machinery Industry Association and China Council for the promotion of electromechanical trade, with a total exhibition area of 3000 square meters. Among them, XCMG showed four products: QY65K truck crane, cv100 vibratory roller, ZL50G loader and ZL30G loader, reflecting XCMG's main product lines and export main models

Liugong exhibited 8-ton and 5-ton loaders and excavators; Sany Heavy Industry exhibited concrete pump truck, trailer pump and bulldozer; Tiangong heyday exhibited graders and mechanically driven rollers; Yuchai exhibited a variety of small excavators, two busy and other products. Many domestic enterprises also exhibited hydraulic parts, seats, instruments, wear-resistant materials and various tools

earth moving equipment is still a landmark product

the Expo gathered world-class engineering and construction machinery manufacturers with innovative 3D printing, such as Caterpillar, Liebherr, Komatsu, Volvo, Hitachi construction machinery, Terex, John Deere, BOMAG, Dynapac, Ingersoll Rand, wittgen, etc., as well as parts manufacturers such as Cummins, DEUTZ, ZF, Dana, Sauer/dan-foss, liselor, etc. It is understood that the products of these companies are developing towards large-scale and intelligent, and continue to improve and upgrade, with more perfect functions, and pay more attention to appearance modeling, ergonomics and special purposes

from the exhibits, earth moving equipment including excavators (including small excavators) and loaders are still iconic products

some experts in the industry told: "The world's first-class construction machinery manufacturers and parts manufacturers have brought the latest advanced equipment and basic parts. It is amazing that there are many exhibits, rich types and excellent production. However, on the whole, earth moving equipment is still the mainstream product.

at the exhibition, many enterprises showed advanced control technologies, such as electronic control speed change, steering, automatic electronic fault diagnosis and monitoring technology in construction machinery Electromechanical injection reduces fuel consumption, reduces harmful substances from engine exhaust gas and protects the environment. New materials and technologies continue to appear and are widely used. For example, engineering plastics are used to replace steel plates, which greatly reduces the cost, and new coating materials and processes are used to improve the appearance quality. Operation control technology and electronic technology are at the leading level

the large company represented by Carter moved the computer technology support system to the booth as a highlight for display. The system can monitor the sold equipment in real time, including fault mode detection, equipment operation monitoring, headquarters help for major faults, etc., which is icing on the cake, and the resistivity of graphene is smaller than that of silver; It is transparent and airtight... Various characteristics make the future use of graphene in many fields such as touch screen, sensor and battery full of imagination, reflecting the strength of large companies. "

advantages and disadvantages of Chinese products

during the exhibition, the trade negotiation and technical exchange of the Chinese exhibition group were very active, the exhibitors gained a lot, and many products reached sales intention. For example, all four products exhibited by XCMG group were sold at the end of the exhibition, of which 16 cv100d vibratory rollers were ordered by American customers.

according to the expert's analysis, the products exhibited in China this time are more comprehensive than those in the same industry in China The performance, appearance and control system can be said to be in a leading position. Compared with similar foreign products, they are relatively close in both performance and appearance, and the control system and function are basically at the same level. For example, intensus, XCMG's American dealer, expressed joy at XCMG's breakthrough in booth layout and recognized the technical progress of products, especially that the appearance design, appearance quality and manufacturing technology of truck crane and loader products have approached or reached the international market level

but the reliability of Chinese products is much lower than the advanced level of foreign countries. Among China's export products, the most important thing for foreign countries is reliability. In addition, the gap between domestic products and foreign products is also reflected in the design details. Domestic products are similar to foreign products in terms of supporting parts and structure, but there is a big gap between domestic and foreign products. In addition to the gap in structure and technology, Chinese enterprises do not consider the details of design comprehensively

for example, in terms of product maintenance, foreign products can see convenient devices where maintenance is needed up and down, and the engine hood can be fully opened to fully expose the engine and hydraulic pump for maintenance. In terms of product safety design, the product warning signs are complete. You can understand the precautions without reading the manual. For example, the vibromax is equipped with a manual pump with emergency opening brake on the machine. A warning sign is pasted on the manual pump to inform the user under what circumstances and how to use the manual pump

the problem of heat balance is a worldwide problem. Improving the design of heat dissipation system is the feature of products in this exhibition. Caterpillar loaders, johndeer loaders and Volvo loaders all adopt independent heat dissipation system. With the increasing requirements of environmental protection on the engine, the independent heat dissipation system has been widely used in loaders, graders, excavators and other equipment. International multinational corporations regard this as a major publicity point, representing the development trend, which should be highly valued by Chinese enterprises and should be studied as soon as possible

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