Application of Deaerator in Langfang Haobei boiler

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Application of boiler deaerator in Haobei, Langfang

boiler deaerator is an ideal treatment agent for chemical deaeration of low-pressure boilers in China. This agent is used for boilers with evaporation capacity of more than 4 tons/hour. It can not be used for power station boilers temporarily. It is non-toxic and tasteless, "and is not a dangerous or flammable product

(I) corrosion of dissolved oxygen:

the dissolved oxygen in the boiler water and the metal iron in the furnace body form a corrosion battery. The electrode potential of iron is lower than that of oxygen. In the ferrite corrosion battery, iron is the anode, loses electrons and becomes ferrous ions, and oxygen is the cathode for reduction. The depolarization of the cathode of dissolved oxygen causes the corrosion of boiler iron, In addition, oxygen will dissolve in water. One user is looking for a way to replace the precipitation of metal insert ferric hydroxide, so as to reduce the concentration of ferrous ion and aggravate the corrosion

when the water contains dissolved oxygen, it will cause corrosion to the furnace body. With the increase of oxygen concentration, the corrosion rate will be accelerated, and many small drums with diameters ranging from mm will be formed on the metal surface. It is most likely to occur in the water supply pipeline and boiler economizer, and then it will also occur in the downcomer

(II) performance and shape:

this agent is a white solid crystalline particle, which is compounded by a variety of components. It has a series of chemical reactions with dissolved oxygen in the water, so as to reduce the oxygen content of boiler water to less than 0.01 mg/L and free carbon dioxide to less than 2 mg/L. it meets the requirements of low-pressure boiler water quality standard (GB) issued by the State Administration of labor. If there is a thermal deaerator or other deaeration methods, the effect is better

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